2013 Year in Review

Alrighty then. Despite my grumpy/contrarian post yesterday (I’m
feeling much better today, thanks), it’s my nature to end the year with a
review, and start the new one with a fresh list of goals. This review
certainly shouldn’t make anyone feel “less than”, due to the sheer
number of things I didn’t hit the mark on last year. We’ll talk
about goal/achievement comparison and why it’s unhealthy tomorrow, K?

my list of resolutions from last year. I’ll just go down the list and
strike through those that were completed, and give a quick commentary on
the ones that weren’t. Ready? Here we go:


– Serialize only published or waiting-to-be-published work
Total fail. Tried it, missed it, went back to it. We’ll revisit this tomorrow.
– Minimum of 1k words per day, 5 days per week
I have no idea – I don’t keep track of word count, only scenes finished. So fail, and unnecessary.
– Writing time 11pm – 12am Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri, & while the dog food “incubates” on Weds
This past year I decided to write in shorter snippets on my breaks at
work, and then a longer session right after work, which is better
because that’s my optimal “awake/alert” time.

– Publish at least one story every month
fail…because I still haven’t mastered the art of tailoring my stories
to specific lengths, and I also have focus issues. Another one to be
revisited, though perhaps not in this exact form.

– Write one short story/novelette per month along with other drafts.
above – I have plotting issues (namely, I’m a pantser, though I know I
can still learn better structuring techniques to make stories fit).

– Get accounting in order and maintain monthly bookkeeping schedule
I did this for about 6 months, and then bombed again. *sigh* Guess what’s going back on the list?
– No Anthologies
– Cut blogging back for all blogs (schedule out serials/excerpts so content is largely automated)
– Once monthly BSB newsletter, newsletters for author names on new releases only.
– Light promo, review copies, site updates, formatting & cover art evenings while watching TV.

– Make time on the weekends for hobbies
– Keep up with housework weekly
– Continue morning yoga workouts
– Workout at least 3x nightly per week – focus on strength & toning
Fail on this…but still managed to lose weight and stay healthy, so not as big a deal as it could be.
– Reorganize morning routine for better efficiency
– Archive tea & nail blogs

out of 16 resolutions for last year, I completed 9…which is actually
better than I thought I did. Go me! Normally my goal lists (daily,
weekly or yearly) end up about half or less complete, so that’s not bad.

note that many of the resolutions I missed the mark on were writing
goals…and a lot of that is because I’m just not experienced enough as a
writer to tailor stories for specific lengths yet. And honestly, in
this day and age there’s no real reason I have to be, since a story can
be whatever length it needs to be and doesn’t have to conform to any
specific word count (though longer stories do sell better, and I think
it would be good, creatively speaking to have that kind of control over
the craft).

also side-tracked myself in a couple different ways last year – one was
taking on an impromptu project that ended up being far more
time-intensive than I thought it would, and the other was going back to
the serial drafts, rather than forcing myself to learn a new, possibly
more efficient way of writing (or learning how to split the difference,

And of course there’s
that whole bookkeeping fiasco I just can’t seem to get a handle on. But I
need to, and I will. Somehow, someway. It simply has to happen.

though, it was a good, productive year – I published 12 new titles of
varying lengths under my three names, and released several audiobooks as
well (with two more in production). I also picked up my crochet hobby
again, learned how to knit, and rediscovered the joy of getting away
from the screen in the evenings/on weekends and doing something with my
hands. Yes, sales were down this year, and that might have been because I
was less visible online, but it could have been a zillion other things
as well. No way to know, and no sense worrying about it now. 

the 2014 list, a discussion on comparisons, and some links that I think
you’ll find interesting and/or helpful as you go about setting up your
own goals for the new year.

In the meantime, feel free to share how your 2013 went…I’d love to hear about it!

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2 comments on “2013 Year in Review

  1. Carol

    9 out of 16 isn’t bad. 🙂

    I’m actually glad you don’t tailor your stories to be a specific length, I think they work better that way.

    And while your impromptu projects may have sidetracked you a bit, kudos to you for taking the chance on something different!

    Hope 2014 goes even better for you. 😀

  2. Ardee Eichelmann

    I know that your impromptu project gave you “fits” at times but I loved reading the stories although I am now waiting for the rest of Melanie’s story.

    I am with Carol. I am glad you don’t try to make your stories fit “cookie cutter” word counts. If they are short, so be it and if they are long, even better.

    I hope you don’t decide to not serialize as you write. I may whine about the cliffhangers but I love the serials and if you serialize AFTER the story is finished you know I will be pestering you to let me see the whole story, then you will have to unfriend me on Facebook and it will make 2014 a sad, sad, sad year.(Did that convince you?)

    I think you have had an awesome year. You have taken time out for yourself. You have written some great stories and you have continued to inspire me along the way.