2014 Year in Review

2014 was a semi-productive, often frustrating year for me. I got some stuff done, I got sidetracked, projects got somewhat out of control (they always seem to, for some reason), and I’m ready for the new year to wipe the slate clean so everything can just start all over. But seeing what I had as a goal and didn’t accomplish for whatever reason is helpful too – I use that to reassess whether those goals were truly important or not, and if they are, how I can refine them to work on later.

Listed below are the goals I either partially or fully completed last year (for the sake of brevity, I left the goals I didn’t accomplish out – you can see last year’s full list here). It’s pretty clear I was far more focused on the personal side of things last year, which isn’t all bad, aside from the whole “book sales sinking like stones” thing:


– Spend at least a few nights a week/weekend cultivating hobbies

– Be active. Yoga in the mornings, something at night, work with the hands, get up and move.
– Drink alcohol moderately.
– Get out of the house every six weeks or so. Go to the zoo, see a show/play, visit the art museum…something to expand our horizons and be a part of the community.


– Expand the horror name into more mainstream thrillers
– Work on more complex plotting techniques


– Once a week relevant blog posts for alter-ego blogs (half-done)
– Simplify the BSB site/store down to a single site/format & links to all online etailers
– Expand audiobook catalog

If you do go look at last year’s complete list, you’ll see it’s quite the doozey. I have a tendency to overplan (yes, I know this isn’t news), and that’s something I’ll be discussing tomorrow with the new resolution list.

The favorite things I did get done last year were getting out of the house (surprising!), drinking more alcohol (not surprising! LOL), and working on more complex plotting techniques, even though I only scraped the tip of the iceberg on that one.

We went to concerts, plays, art exhibits and had a lot of fun with getting out, even though it was kind of a chore to actually plan and execute at times. We also started a daily wine habit…just half a glass with dinner most nights, but we’ve learned a great deal about wine in the past year, though I’m not sure whether we’re actually healthier or not.

As far as what I didn’t get done…I wish I’d been more proactive with the yard/gardens (ie, less lazy), and I wish I’d made time for some of the more mundane business stuff that I just don’t like (ie, bookkeeping). But…there are reasons I didn’t make those a priority, and I’ll have to find reasons *to* make them a priority if I ever want to turn them into habits rather than just wishful thinking.

I hope you all have a fun New Year’s Eve planned! Hubby and I are celebrating low-key at home this year, which is fine with me. Meat, cheese, crackers and wine. Our favorite way to ring in the new year.

Tomorrow, I’ll post my 2015 resolutions. Stay tuned…