3 Ways to Explode With Writing Ideas by Dolly Garland

Today please welcome Dolly Garland, writer and founder of Kaizen Journaling, a site you really should check out. Links after the post! Take it away, Dolly….

Do you ever have a creative block (click for post at Random Writings)? Do
you get stuck not knowing what to write about? Do you start writing a
word or a sentence and then have no idea what you want to say?

How would you like to explode with
ideas? Have so many of them that your mind always feels like a rich
mine that you can pick and choose from? Don’t worry about being
overwhelmed, because ideas when gathered methodically merge and
evolve. They take shape into something that you might not even have

Anyway, I personally think it’s
better to have more choices than less. So today, I’m going to talk
about 4 powerful ways in which your journal can be an explosive idea

Perhaps you’ve heard of some of
these, and maybe you have even tried one or two, but I would be
surprised to find that you have tried all four of them, consistently.
That’s why using a journal is an ideal medium, because you can
develop a habit of doing these exercises and experiments in one

3 Ways to Explode With Ideas

Free Writing

You could use something like Julia
Cameron’s Morning Pages method, or just your own style of free
writing. It doesn’t have to be about anything specific.

Write about whatever you like. Write
about your day, write about what’s going in your head, write about
your dreams and hopes and fears. Write about the story you want to
write or a job you want to have. Write about anything and everything.
Don’t censor yourself.

Write for at least ten minutes
straight. The purpose behind is to give your mind a chance to
properly get into the zone

List 100 Things

I’m a big fan of lists. You don’t
need to limit yourself to boring grocery lists or to-do lists. Get

Whatever you can free write about, you
can make lists about. And even more.

For example:

100 things you want to do before you

100 places to see

100 memories

100 people you’ve met (I bet you have
met them)

I encourage you to push for 100. To
make it easier, number the page with 1 to 100 first, and then start
writing. Don’t stop until you get to the end, even if you have to
keep repeating the previous item.

If you make a list of simply 10 or 20
items, it will be a predictable list, things that are at the
forefront of your mind. By pushing to write one-hundred different
things, you will go beyond the obvious. You will dig deeper and reach
for ideas that are outside the box, or at least outside of your
normal thinking patterns.

One Liners About People You Meet

This could be a really fun experiment.
Do it for one day, once or twice a week. Every single person you
meet, whether you know them or not, write a one-liner about them.

If you know them, write about your
interaction with them. Or you could just write about their behaviour,
personality, or even clothing. You can do the same with strangers.
What about these people attracted your attention?

Write in detail. Be Specific. Be

Action You Can Take Today:

Apply at least one of these three
techniques straight away. Get in the zone, and then plan some time to
do all of these this week, and see what works for you.

Dolly Garland is a writer and founder
of Kaizen Journaling, where she helps a community of Kaizen Warriors
create their personalised arsenal for success. Find her on Facebook.

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