And Then…Quarantine

I suppose it was bound to happen at some point, but the fact that I’m currently in quarantine and awaiting Covid-19 test results speaks directly to the fact that while I’m extremely introverted on a good day, I’m not quite introverted enough.

A friend of mine from work tested positive last week, and she happens to be the only person aside from my husband that I spend an appreciable amount of time with unmasked and probably 5ft instead of 6ft away from (we both still have fairly wide personal space bubbles, pandemic or no). I stay well back from everyone else in my office, wear a mask whenever I’m out of my office, and also whenever I’m around people when not at work. I keep interactions outside of work brief, and we haven’t been to a movie or eaten in a restaurant since cases here started spiking a few weeks ago.

So when my friend got sick (her role requires her to be around a lot more people than I, unfortunately, and we’re pretty sure we know about where her armor chink would have been), she went home right away, but I’d been chatting with her just the night before, which made me a “close contact”.

I didn’t think too much of it, but I did make sure to be extra cautious in keeping my distance from co-workers and while doing my errands that weekend. Then Monday late, my throat started getting sore, and I told my boss the next morning that I needed to work from home for awhile, just in case.

My friend’s test results came back Wednesday, she called me to tell me, and I went and got tested Thursday, because while my throat wasn’t all that sore by then, I’d still had a cough and some pressure in my chest here and there, and a headache that had been flirting here and there. No point in waiting, and better to know one way or the other, I figured.

When you get tested here, they tell you to quarantine for 14 days past the day of your last contact with the positive person if you’re a close contact, whether your test comes back positive or not. If you have symptoms, you have to stay quarantined for at least 10 days past when the symptoms started, provided your symptoms are resolving and you’ve had no fever in the previous 24 hrs.

My ten days are up as of this Weds, so as long as I feel better and haven’t had a fever in 24 hours, I should be able to break quarantine on Thursday. If I do test positive, I have a pretty light case so far, as long as it doesn’t worsen over the next few days. I’ve been throwing a lot of turmeric and garlic at it, along with some other herbal remedies. Surprisingly, the one thing that seems to help the most is honey in my tea. I prefer my tea unsweetened, but whatever works at the moment. I consider myself extremely lucky not to have gotten any worse thus far.

My friend, not so much. She’s had to deal with pretty much every bad symptom in the book, and I’m quite worried about her. She’s had ups and downs and muscle pain and no taste and taste and no smell and felt better for several days then plunged to no energy whatsoever…it’s been a serious roller coaster ride of illness, and it’s not over yet.

I hope I’m negative, and that I can get back to the office Thursday. Little things like doing a Costco run are also on my list of “to-dos” for when I can leave the house again. I will say that working from home hasn’t been as bad as I thought it would be, but…I do really miss my bigger monitors, standing desk, and ergonomic keyboard. I also miss the demarcation between personal and work life that going to the office and coming home provides. I know plenty of people have managed to figure it out while they work from home this year, and I’m sure I could eventually too, but I’m not all that good at it yet.

So…just another weird week in 2020, I guess. Fingers crossed that things can get back to the new relative normal soon, and if you can spare some good thoughts, prayers, rituals or spell-chanting for my friend, all would be appreciated.

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