Author Interview: Cari Quinn

Pull up a chair and grab a snack – today we’re chatting with the fabulous Cari Quinn, author of Full Disclosure and her latest release, Ex Appeal (excerpt below). Welcome, Cari – thanks for joining us today!

When did you decide to pursue writing seriously?

About five years ago, when it became obvious it was the only thing I had an aptitude for. Perhaps not the only thing, but certainly the strongest. Storytelling – whether on the page or through music – has been my most enduring love throughout my life. Fictional worlds have given me solace, provided me with hope, made me laugh, earned my tears. If I can give even a fraction of that to someone else…well, that just amazes me.

How did you choose what genre to write – or did it choose you?

I always drifted toward contemporary stories because I think they most suit my voice. Fun, light, sexy books were my roots, but lately I seem to be going darker. Writing erotic romance wasn’t ever part of the plan. One of my CPs encouraged me and I went for it, never really thinking that I’d end up writing a bunch of books in that genre. Now I’m branching out a little, toying with some ideas that are much darker than my current offerings.  

Tell us a little about your writing process. How do you get from idea to completed draft?

      I’m not really sure, LOL. I don’t plot in any formal sense. I start with an idea and begin writing. The characters come alive on the page. Every time I’ve attempted to write an outline or do character charts has resulted in me either not consulting them again or not finishing the book. So I avoid those. I do write linearly, scene to scene, not jumping around, but I do jump back and forth between a couple books at once. The easiest part for me is coming up with ideas. Those are neverending. The hardest part? Finishing. Every single story I’ve written thus far I’ve reached the 75% mark and stopped, sometimes for a couple months at a time. Eventually I come back and finish and usually the time away has given me a better perspective on what the story needs.

What are some of your favorite authors to read?

My favorites hands down are Nora Roberts and Jeaniene Frost. They’re my idols when it comes to go-to reads. I’ve read Nora’s Angels Fall and Jeaniene’s Halfway to the Grave four times each and loved them as much on the fourth read as I did on the first. I also enjoy many other authors in a wide range of genres, way too many to list here.

What do you like do when you’re not writing?

      Sleep. Unwind with a book. Watch college basketball, especially during March Madness. Probably my favorite thing to do is to go for a long drive with a good cup of coffee at hand, windows down, sun streaming in, and some good loud music blasting. My mind seems to work best on the road for some reason.

How do you balance writing with the other aspects of your life?

      Usually I’d say not particularly well. It’s difficult. I work full time and a lot of nights the last thing I want to do is think about a thorny plot problem. The most important thing I’ve learned is to not fight my process. I’m what I call a “spree writer” in that I write a lot for a week or two to meet a deadline then go into slug mode for several weeks. I’ve tried to change this, but it never sticks. I don’t think I’ll ever be a writer who consistently produces day after day, though I’m always thinking about my current WIPs. All half a dozen of them, LOL.

Who is your favorite literary character or couple?

      Oh boy. Tough one. I’d have to go with JD Robb’s Eve Dallas and Roarke, with Jeaniene Frost’s Cat and Bones in second place. Four amazing characters.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

      Just that I appreciate every single person who has given my work a try. Without readers, writers are just talking to themselves. I’m so grateful I’ve gotten a chance to live my dream of sharing my work with other people.

      And thank you so much for having me here today, Jamie! I love your blogs and I can’t wait to read Tempest, the first of many Jamie DeBree novels, I’m sure.

Here’s an excerpt from Ex Appeal

The weight of Ty’s stare made her open her eyes. He’d turned to face her again, but he’d moved no closer. “I told myself it was your problem, not mine. Yeah, I’ve been distracted. Busy with other things. But then I realized that if a woman leaves your bed wanting, that’s your own damn fault.” His eerie mirror of her earlier thoughts made her breath hitch as he returned to her and gripped her upper arms. Not roughly, not painfully. Possessively. “I need you in my life. Which means it’s up to me to keep you happy. Whatever it takes.”

Jenny started to roll her eyes at his melodramatics. But before she could shoot back a response, he swung her up in his arms and hauled her up on the deck. His hold brooked no arguments, but that didn’t stop her from slapping at him as he carried her inside and dumped her on the bed.

“You’ve got a lot of nerve.” She shoved her dripping hair out of her eyes. Eyes that were now thankfully bone dry. Anger always had that effect on her.

“And we’ve got a lot of time to make up for.” Ty bent over, then tossed the pink bag from Adult Playland onto her lap. Out bobbed cranberry lace and satin and the erotic crayons she hadn’t yet shown him. “You want to be tied up?”

For some reason, she blushed. “You’re making me feel like a naughty child.”

“I won’t say what you make me feel like.” Flashing her a thin smile, he pawed through her purchases with absolutely no finesse. Might as well have been digging through the sandbox. “Here we go. Over the door. Hooks and straps and this little silk nightie for me to tear to shreds with my teeth.”

Thank so much to Cari for joining us today! You can contact Cari through her web site and/or blog , and buy Ex Appeal at Amazon and The Wild Rose Press . I simply love her work – both books are excellent and *hot*, and I’m eagerly awaiting the next release.

Feel free to leave comments for Cari below!

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