Blog Plan B, Trees, Organization, & Sleep

I may have been just a wee bit too ambitious with my “new blog schedule” a couple of weeks ago. Or a lot. But hey, I had good intentions. I just don’t really have the follow-through with some things (as in – things that aren’t absolutely necessary for a paycheck or continued breathing). By which I mean, I’m routinely lazier than I plan to be.

But hey, third time’s the charm, which means I have one more chance to fail before I get this right for the year. Let’s just assume I’m going to botch this, but here’s the new, improved, somewhat less ambitious blogging plan:

Monday: Whatever happens to come to mind.
Tuesday: Something about writing on the writing blog (crazy, I know)
Friday: Something on my alter-ego’s thriller/horror blog

And that’s it. Three posts, three blogs. But what if I don’t screw it up? The universe may well implode, I suppose. We’ll see.

In other news…it’s way, way too spring-like around here, which would be great if I wasn’t afraid that a March cold snap will eventually kill everything that’s starting to grow when it should still be sleeping. Like our baby maple trees. One tree survived the deep freeze last winter, and the other two were planted last summer. They have buds, but they shouldn’t even be awake yet! Stupid weather.

I did, of course, take advantage of said weather this past weekend and aired out the dog bed “innards” on the back patio while the covers were in the wash. Mica won’t use actual pillow-like dog beds…they freak him out for some reason. But assuming whoever joins our little pack next leans more toward “normal” canine behavior, I’m sure they’ll get good use out of these.

A lot of early spring cleaning went down, and while I was washing down walls and such, I also replaced the old dog bowl stands and bowls, and hung hooks on our coat closet door for leashes & collars. I do love good, clean organization. There’s something very soothing about having things all neat and in a “proper place”. Efficient, too.

One of my resolutions this year was to read daily. I’ve been doing that by making sure I’m in bed by midnight every night, so I can read for half an hour, and then be asleep by 1am. I’ve only missed a few nights this year, and I regretted it both times. It’s weird, but I really can tell the difference between going to bed at 1am, and being asleep by then, even though it never takes me long to actually fall asleep.

At first, I felt like I was “giving up” time I could be using to be productive. But honestly? I was never productive that late anyways…I just felt like I was because I was up and in front of the screen. Funny how we lie to ourselves, isn’t it?

I’ve actually finished off several books this year already, plus I’m more rested during the day, which helps me at work. I’m quite sure that if I could add another 60 minute sleep cycle in there, I’d be even more rested and productive. But…I can’t bring myself to go to bed *quite* that early. It just doesn’t seem right, night owl that I am. So until I can sleep later (retirement), 4.5 hours during the week it is (I sleep until around 9am on the weekends, which is glorious).

I see you yawning over there…we’ll just pretend you’re tired, and not bored, K? 😉

Oh – and Happy Leap Day!


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