Code Name: Succulent – But How Are Your Plants?

It’s been a little over two months
since I started this series, and a lot has happened since then. That
includes a lot of things that would have been impossible to plan for
and predict when I was so glibly planning to add a little fun and
balance back into my life. Even with all of that going on though, I
still managed to broaden my horizon sufficiently enough that I no
longer feel like the day job and writing are all I do – or all that
I am. Due to that, I’m declaring the whole project a rousing

But all of this started with a
houseplant crisis, and a bunch of new succulents to replace the
tropical plants that were lost to the cause. They became my
inspiration, and I vowed to make them a priority in my new regime.

Well, that fell by the wayside pretty
much as soon as other things started falling apart this summer. And
yet, being succulents, they all managed to survive the drought
(though some in better condition than others). And now that things
are sort of calming down to the normal dull roar of fall, I’ll be
able to make them a priority, and hopefully allow them to grow strong
and healthy before the next drought hits.

Incidentally, the spider plant my mom
gave me is also still hanging on (I have no idea how), and the
orchids and two carnivorous plants I bought around the same time are
also still with us. At this rate, I may be able to grow some
tropicals again (shh! Don’t tell hubby…he may not actually
appreciate that).

And I have a pencil plant cutting
drying for Carol as we speak (sorry it’s taken so long!). Perhaps
once I finally get it sent out the door, I’ll write up the story of
the fascinating woman I got it from. Ironically, I have no photo of said pencil cactus today…hmm. Next time.

Do you have houseplants? How are they
doing at the moment?

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One comment on “Code Name: Succulent – But How Are Your Plants?

  1. Carol

    Do I have plants? You betcha! And most of them are still alive even. LOL

    My plants and I came to an understanding a long time ago that I am very neglectful. If they need watering on a regular basis, they don’t survive in my house. So, I have very hardy plants, a couple of unnamed plants, philodendrons, violets, wandering jew, dieffenbachia, spider plants, hearts on a string, chocolate soldiers, and orchids.

    I have a seeds to plant for a cat garden. My first attempt was a dismal failure, but I’m going to give it another try and mix them together this time. If that doesn’t work, I’ll just fill the planter with coleus and wandering jew and let them have at it.