Code Name: Succulent – No Obligations

Author’s Note: No, you’re
not crazy. This is supposed to be the next chapter of Falling in
Public, and I apologize that it’s not. Day job stress has me out of
whack with the fiction writing, so FIP will be posted on Saturday this week
instead. Thanks for waiting…

This is a Rhipsalis cactus – commonly
called a Mistletoe cactus (which I didn’t know until I looked up
rhipsalis…which is how much of a plant geek I am, I guess LOL).
These guys fascinate me, the way they branch out every which way and
look all scraggly, but in a symmetrical way.

That’s kind of how I feel about this
whole “branching out” experiment. Things kinda look scraggly for
now (more so this week, which has been unbelievably demanding), but
they’re falling into a more symmetrical pattern and I don’t feel
quite so scattered now.

Some things require more conscious
thought than others – like my tea blog, and crocheting. I’ve been
struggling with those, but I get such a sense of…accomplishment?
Rounded-ness? I’m not sure what the word I’m looking for is (it’s
late, and I’m tired), but I always feel good having made the time
for them.

I’ve allowed myself FB games again,
and while I’m sure I spend more time than I should playing (again),
it really does allow my mind to relax in the evenings. I am more
behind, but I feel better about it, if that makes any sense.

The title of this post comes from
something I struggle with all the time in pursuit of hobbies. I tend
to feel obligated after a very short time to make my hobby into
something “more”. Last time I crocheted, I wasn’t content to
“just crochet”, I had to make gifts, and things for possible
sale. That applied pressure automatically. With the tea blog I tend
to think I need to post more often. Or in a specific format for
reviews, etc. It’s very easy to slip into the “make it more”
mentality, and I think a lot of us have a hard time just pursuing
something for no obvious reason other than we enjoy it. No plans to
grow it bigger or make it better.

So I’m really trying not to feel
obligated with these “extras”. I don’t need to play a bunch of
games, just a few (and I don’t have to worry about climbing ranks
or anything – I can move slowly, and really, it just doesn’t
matter). I don’t need to put a deadline on a crochet project, and
it’s okay if I buy gifts even though I’m crafty. I don’t need
to post more than weekly on the tea blog – and I don’t have to
stick to just reviews. I can be flexible, and just enjoy these things
for what they are, rather than for what they could be (which is how I
view my books after the draft is done).

This is harder than it sounds for me,
because I’m built to take an idea and run it out as far as I can
get it to go. Good for writing – excellent, in fact. Bad for
hobbies. They don’t need to be anything more than a hobby. Ever.
They’re fine just for something fun to do.

Do you feel obligated by your hobbies?
Have you ever quit a hobby because the pressure you put on it was too

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2 comments on “Code Name: Succulent – No Obligations

  1. Carol

    Before I had a lap top, I used to have what I called “T.V. crafts”. This was any craft I could do while sitting watching T.V. – mostly crochetting, knitting, or embroidery. The idea was, if I was going to sit and watch T.V. then I wasn’t going to just waste my time.

    I’ve never felt obligated by my crafts, but I would like to start making time for them again. I find crochetting and embroidery very relaxing but there’s only so many hours in a day and I’ve been letting other things take priority.

  2. Ardee-ann Eichelmann

    I tend to be laid back in an uptight kind of way. I don’t “do” hobbies or crafts except for reading and writing. I have limits on what I can do with my reading and writing that I didn’t choose to have but that I have nevertheless. I have to live with these limits and trust me I fought them for a long time but realized that life has its own plans for me and so I just learned to accept what is, although it makes me feel tense and anxious at times because I feel like I should be accomplishing something.

    I will go for months without watching television except for the news but then I feel the need to just veg out for a while and will watch shows one or two days a week for a few months but I do just watch television. I don’t feel the need to do something else to make it okay to watch tv.

    I have OCD so tend to have to do things certain ways, following certain patterns. I may not accomplish anything but I follow those compulsions by golly. If I don’t I become very, very anxious and tend to get panicky even.

    So while I don’t share the same drive to accomplish that you have Jamie, I do have obsessions that have to be attended too and compulsions that must be fulfilled. They are not productive most of the time but I have to do them in a certain order.

    Ah the universe and its required order…the bane of my existence and yet at times my purpose for living. If this sounds disjointed it is just because sometimes it is hard to explain how I can be laid back and driven at the same time. When I was able to work, I put in more billable hours than anyone else at my clinic. My drive propelled me constantly and yet, I can be so laid back that I am almost comatose. LOL!!!!

    Life is an adventure and an interesting one at that.