Code Name: Succulent – Slow Growth

This is a “ZZ” plant, otherwise
known as Zamioculcas zamiifolia. Normally
a slow-growing plant from South Africa, it isn’t really a succulent
(it’s actually an aroid), but it’s certainly tough enough to hang
with the rest of my easy-care houseplant gang. I bought it expecting
that, like the other South African plants, it would look pretty and
do nothing for a long while.

see that long stalk in the front leaning off to the left (as we look
at it), with the smaller leaves just starting to unfurl at the top?
That particular stalk was all of about four inches high when I
brought it home just a couple weeks ago. Now it’s going on a foot
and a half, which is just crazy quick growth for these plants.
Apparently it approves of where I put it, and the fact that I haven’t
watered it since I stuck it there.

I’ve seen growth on all of those stalks, though none as dramatic as
that young one. I’ve always loved aroids, and they tend to grow
well for me, so I’m glad I finally got my hands on one of these
(I’ve been wanting one ever since they first came to market – of
course they were rare and hard to find then. I bought this one at

I can
hear your thoughts about now.

Um, that’s great. You know you
titled this “slow growth”, right?

Indeed I did.
Here’s the thing. I planned this post on Sunday (I loosely plan
everything out when I’m writing out my goals for the week). At that
time, I was just barely recovering from a very stressful week at the
day job, and coming to grips with the fact that I had to go back
again in just a few hours. All that week and weekend I’d been
fighting my resolve to do things other than writing with my free
time, because I was behind, and I truly just wanted to crawl into my
fiction and escape the world. But I stuck to my schedule and kept the
writing in its place while I did other things…like play Facebook
games (I only play two – Cafe World and Farm Town, because my
husband plays those and we can enjoy that together). I’d gotten my
nail blog updated, posted a tea review, and started thinking about
the crochet magazines I have in the office. I weeded and found some
surprisingly healthy and lovely plants in the garden, and I found
something new to fixate on for awhile (more on that next week – it
will be a short-lived fixation, long-term addition to my life).

Basically, I lived
life for awhile. Instead of escaping into a fictional world, I
actually participated in the one going on around me (well, with the
exception of FB games – that counts as fiction *and* social, since
I’m talking too/trading with people there). And I’ll admit, it
was stressful. Changing routines and habits is insanely stressful for
me, even when it’s to do something fun. Yes, I know that’s
screwed up. That’s how I’m wired, so that’s what I work with.
So I felt like I was moving at a snail’s pace, and it really wasn’t
until I sat down to write this post that I realized just how far I’ve
come already. It sort of snuck up on me.

Just like my ZZ

I still have a long
way to go – and I won’t be comfortable again until everything’s
slotted neatly into my daily & weekly routines. But even just the
fact that books and the publishing industry isn’t the only thing I
have to talk about anymore is really good progress, and while it’s
always going to be a major part of my life, I can see where there’s
room for other things too. It will just take some time to adjust.

And maybe a new
organizational system.

Those of you who
prefer not to work within a set “system” might want to skip next
week’s post. I’m going all “gadget girl” and
“crazy-organizing-lady” with the purchase of my first tablet
computer today, and next week I’ll share how I use lists, calendars
and reminders to keep my days running smoothly (for the most part).
Those of you who like gadgets and are interested in routines and
schedules…well, you’ll probably want to tune in next Thursday.

If you made it this
far, tell me something you’re interested in that’s not book
related (or kid-related if you’re a parent…since kids tend to
rule your life more than even writing).

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One comment on “Code Name: Succulent – Slow Growth

  1. Carol

    Things I used to do, but have fallen by the wayside in favour of reading and writing, include knitting and crochetting, drawing, painting, calligraphy, sewing, embroidery, and crafts. I also used to do beading (using seed beads and insanely tiny needles) and cross stitch, but my eyes just can’t handle it any more.

    Yeah, I should really start making more time for this stuff. 😉