Desert Heat – Released! (plus excerpt)

Yes, I’m officially declaring Desert Heat available to the public. Although I must apologize that the paperback isn’t up on Amazon just yet, it will be soon. All ebooks are $2.99, and available currently through Amazon , Barnes & Noble and Smashwords . You can order a signed print copy through the Brazen Snake Books site for $10.49 (US) & $12.49 (all other countries), shipping is included as well as a digital download.

Wanna read a sample first? You can download the first three chapters in .pdf format, or you can download free samples from all of the sites linked above. Easy, peasy. But just because you’re here celebrating with me today, there’s an excerpt below that you won’t find in any of the available samples.

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Thanks to India Drummond for her amazing editing skills, and to Heidi Sutherlin who designs the most amazing covers ever for my books. Thanks also to Brooklyn , Erica , and Carol for beta reading and proofreading Desert Heat for me. You gals are the best – don’t know what I’d do without you!

Now, without further ado – I give you an excerpt from Desert Heat.

She stood, rope in hand, and took a step toward the tree before stopping short. Damn. He’d taken his shirt off, and now she was faced with the sight of his tanned muscular back, rippling as he reached up and tested the grip with his weight. He turned around, and caught her staring. A grin spread over his lips.

“Is that for me?” His voice was low and deep, and she was completely mesmerized at his spectacular body in the daylight.

“Dr. Simco.” Nell’s irritated voice broke through her brief trance. “Stop drooling and give the man the rope. Good lord, what’s gotten into you people?”

Marie lowered her eyes, humiliated. She, of all people, should be able to act like a professional. Her reaction to this man was just embarrassing. She handed Darren the rope, steeling herself against the desire. Not daring to meet his eyes, she strode back to her bag, taking out her water bottle as if nothing had happened.

“Here goes.”

She tilted the water into her mouth before glancing back over her shoulder. Everyone watched Darren as Scott boosted him up to the first grip and then supported him as he screwed in the next. With the rope over his bare shoulder, he looked like a very hot explorer on his way to make a fantastic discovery. She capped the bottle, shaking her head at the irony. It was all true, actually – they were exploring, and they had made a discovery that could revolutionize treatment of viruses all over the world. Little had she known that they’d have an actual icon on the trip.

Finally feeling slightly less humiliated and reasonably certain her face wasn’t bright red anymore, she rejoined the group, shading her eyes with one hand as she watched him climb. As those tanned muscles rippled smoothly higher into the branches, she found herself wondering why she was resisting his advances so hard. What were the odds that such a gorgeous specimen would ever want her again? He got to the branch and carefully straddled it, and then took the rope off his shoulder and unrolled it, feeding it down to Scott. He tossed the other end over the branch above him and caught the end, creating a fulcrum to pull with.

“Are you ready to come up?”

His voice wafted gently down from above, and she nodded, not sure how she would focus while being up there with him. She stepped forward and took the rope from Scott, deftly tying it into a makeshift sling that she sat in. She grabbed the first grip and looked up.

“Ready,” she called, thankful that her voice was steady. The rope went taut, and she used the grips to support her weight as he pulled her up.

“That is one fine lookin’ man,” she heard Nell say from below. She grinned. At least she wasn’t the only one affected by Darren’s body. Suddenly feeling lighter, she didn’t hesitate when Darren reached out to pull her the rest of the way up. She took his hand, feeling secure in his strong grip as he helped her to a position in front of him on the branch.

“Welcome aboard.” His breath was warm against her neck, and she fought the urge to lean back against him. She slid forward until she was close enough to examine the plant and the way it attached to the tree.

The roots actually grew right into the tree. Old leaves and detritus had accumulated where the branch met the trunk, and from that angle it wasn’t hard to ascertain that water washed nutrients from the decaying bits right over the roots of the plant.

“Like a bromeliad,” she murmured, so focused on the little eco-system in front of her that she didn’t feel Darren moving up until he was touching her back, his thick thighs bracketing her own.

He leaned forward, looking over her shoulder, and she couldn’t help but feel his groin pressed against her buttocks. Was that his arousal she was feeling? Trying to ignore it, she went back to work, prodding gently at the surprisingly thick roots on the tiny plant.

“I hope you don’t mind,” he said, his face just inches from hers. “I want to watch.”

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5 comments on “Desert Heat – Released! (plus excerpt)

  1. Carol

    Happy Release Day! May you sell many, many copies of Desert Heat. It’s a fabulous book and an awesome read!

  2. Jamie DeBree

    Thanks Carol! I’m quite fond of it myself. 😉

  3. DebB

    Cheers to You! I am so proud to know you. May the Book Gods smile down on you and bestow many many sales upon you.

  4. Jamie DeBree

    Thanks much, Deb! So far, it’s been a good day. 🙂

  5. Janna

    Congratulations on your release, Jamie! Great excerpt. 🙂