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Lucy & Mica
Meet Our Dogs

Lucy is a German Shepherd/Lab mix who loves looking out the window, laying in the sun, playing with a large rock in the yard and stealing toys/bones from her brother. When she's not up to some sort of mischief, she can generally be found in on one of her cozy beds or begging for coconut oil, dehydrated lamb lung and peanut butter/banana treats. Lucy lives with a condition called Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency, but she's happy and healthy.
Mica is a Lab mix of indeterminate parentage - the shelter said Anatolian Shepherd, but we think with his single brindle coat that he looks more like a scent hound mix of some sort. Acts like it too, though he sees the squirrels playing on the power lines well enough (and would love to have them for dinner). He loves chewing on bones, playing with stuffed toys and chasing balls, as well as playing with/chewing on his sister and barking at whistles, door knocks and anything else he hears or sees that might be suspicious (everything, more or less).