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August 19, 2013: Jasmine Betrayal

Writing Session 1: Jasmine Betrayal
Author/Genre: JD/romantic suspense
Words written: 215

Total words:2,095
Time Spent:  15 minutes (break)

Notes: Not
exactly a stellar start to the writing week, but it took me awhile to
get into the scene. And now that I’m in it, the rest is going to be fun
for me, not so fun for Max, who is about to get to know the less polite
side of Genevieve. She’s kind of a handful, but I need to remember to
balance out a more southern sense of charm/style with the tough-girl
attitude…which might be a challenge considering I’m from the north and
not charming or subtle in the least (and yes, that is indicative of my
state/childhood upbringing, in very general terms). We’ll see, eh?
Should be interesting, at the very least – but I know for a fact that
southern women are very tough…they just pull it off with a lot more
class than us Yankee chicks. Which is going to be a fun thing to explore
that I didn’t consider before, since Max is a northerner too…

Writing Session 2: Jasmine Betrayal

Author/Genre: JD/romantic suspense

Words written: 350

Total words: 2,445

Time Spent:  30minutes (late night)


Notes: I
was a total slacker earlier today, so since I want to add a late night
writing session in anyways, I figured I’d better get busy tonight and
work a little more. Poor Genevieve…she’s got a concussion already, and
the story’s barely started. I really am not kind to my heroines, dang
it. But this is only the beginning, of course…and there’s a lot more
twists & turns left to come…tomorrow. Now I’m off to bed. 

see me write in real time? I can pretty much guarantee it will be
insanely boring…probably worse than watching grass grow, but if you’re
curious about how the words come out, here’s your chance to see. Office Hours will be open tomorrow from 11:30pm – midnight. Stop by! I’ll put you to sleep in a heartbeat.

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