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Building Momentum

I think I missed one day of writing my two sentences last week. Which is pathetic, but it’s also not bad considering just how insanely out of shape my “writing muscles” are. The fact is, I got more writing in last week than I have in the six weeks before that, so…a small win, but a win, nonetheless.

Trust me on this – if you have a daily writing habit established, do whatever you can to keep it going. It’s worth gold. Gold, I tell ya. My husband and I were just talking about how we never should have stopped weight lifting, because it’s so very much harder to get back into both the habit and the shape we used to be in. Same goes for writing – so easy to let drop, so very hard to build back up again.

I wrote the first novel I finished in nightly 250 word sessions, and that also helped me establish a great daily writing habit. And I did that while I was watching TV at night…which just sounds crazy to me now, because I much prefer quiet for writing. I have the time, I just need to buckle down.

So this week, back to that original 250 words per night thing. It’s really not a lot at all – especially considering I used to write 800 words in a night without even thinking much about it. 250 words, switching off drafts nightly or bi-nightly. It’ll feel good to finally make some real writing progress again.

For tonight’s excerpt, a bit from the yet-untitled origin story I’m working on:

A deep, steady beat throbbed over the dense green canopy, giving pause to the natural cacophony that normally filled the spaces below. The sun was just rising over the jungle, its rays not quite strong enough to penetrate the blanket of mist that hovered between tall mountain peaks on either side of the long valley that Kalika Meloran gazed upon for what she knew would be the last time.

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