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August 19, 2013: Jasmine Betrayal

Writing Session 1: Jasmine Betrayal Author/Genre: JD/romantic suspense Words written: 215 Total words:2,095 Time Spent:  15 minutes (break)   Notes: Not exactly a stellar start to the writing week, but it took me awhile to get into the scene. And now that I’m in it, the rest is going to be fun for me, not […]

A Writer’s Journal

Years ago, I used to blog about writing. And then I started publishing, and wanted my blog to be a place for readers to go, who might not necessarily be interested in the actual process of writing.

Now I find myself wanting a place to keep a sort of record of my thoughts after a good writing session, because I’m constantly learning and working to improve, and I think having those thoughts to
refer back to would sometimes be very helpful for me when working on specific areas of my writing. …