May 22

May 21, 2013: It’s all about Mysterious…

Writing Session #1: Mr. Mysterious
Author/Genre: JD/rom. Suspense
Words written:  374
Total Words:  1,171 (this installment)
Time Spent:  15 minutes
Notes: This
was cruisin’ along pretty well, and then my time was up, dang it.
Hopefully I can get an earlier start on the late-night session tonight,
and maybe finish this up? Each installment has been around 2k words so

Writing Session #2:  English Breakfast
Author/Genre:  JD/Rom. Suspense
Words written:  522
Total Words:   5,520
Time Spent:  20 minutes
Notes: I
was going to keep going, but with the holiday serials due, I’m cutting
this off at just enough for a short scene. With any luck, next week I’ll
have more time to spend on these, but I really need to get the serials
done, so using the rest of this time for Mr. Mysterious…

Writing Session #3:  Mr. Mysterious
Author/Genre:  JD/Rom. suspense
Words written:  254
Total Words: 1,425 (this installment) 
Time Spent: 20 minutes
Notes: Every
little bit counts…and we’re getting to the juicy part now. I doubt
the rest of this installment will let me doze off tonight…

Writing Session #4:  Mr. Mysterious
JD/Rom. suspense
Words written: 
Total Words:
1,948 (this installment) 
Time Spent:
1 hour
I’d just started this half an hour earlier, I’d have finished it. As it
is, I just have a teeny bit to write tomorrow and it will be done. I
don’t know why these take me so long, but it’s annoying that they do.
Still, I think they’re going to make some intriguing stories when I
finally finish them at the end of the year.

It’s 1:00am, and I’m off to bed…

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May 21

May 20, 2013: Mr. Mysterious & THHG

Writing Session #1: Mr. Mysterious
Author/Genre: JD/rom. Suspense
Words written:  505
Total Words:  6,549 (all installments)
Time Spent:  15 minutes

Notes: This could be a good sign – I decided to commandeer my non-fic writing breaks for the holiday serial stories I need to have done by next Monday, and today the words just started flying. I hope the rest of it goes this well. If it does, I should be able to finish this story during my late night writing session tonight…

Writing Session #2: The Handyman’s Harem Girl
Author/Genre: JD/rom. Suspense
Words written:  894
Total Words:  29,057
Time Spent:  45 minutes

Notes: Crap. Yes, I just blew through 800 words in 45 minutes. That’s a good sign, normally…except today I reached that last pivotal point in the story where suddenly, everything starts to become clear, and the end is in sight. This is the point in every draft where I want to ignore everything and anything around me and just write, write, write until I finally hit the end (which is inevitably farther off than I anticipate – every single time). Dang it. I absolutely cannot work more on this until next week, with the holiday serials due next Monday. Ack! I really hate this part…

Writing Session #3: Mr. Mysterious
Author/Genre: JD/rom. Suspense
Words written: 292
Total Words: 6,841
Time Spent:  45 minutes

Notes: Looks like my writing streak broke. Although the fact of the matter is, I’m often slower the later it gets…I start getting tired, and falling asleep while I’m writing. It’s harder to maintain focus, especially since tonight, my eyes are giving me fits (need to put gel in them). Still, much past 12:30 and I’m toast anymore, which is really too bad since the house is so very quiet right now. 

Ah well. Such is life, and I’ll write more tomorrow. It’s 12:50am, and I’m off to bed…

May 14

May 13, 2013: Kitchen Org. & THHG

Writing Session #1: KOG
Author/Genre: JD/Non-Fic
Words written: n/a
Total Words: n/a
Time Spent:  15 minutes

Started on the second section today…got a couple paragraphs done and the rest planned out. Not bad for a Monday..

Writing Session #2: THHG
Author/Genre: JD/Rom. suspense
Words written: 471
Total Words: 27,959
Time Spent:  1/2 hour

Notes: I got distracted tonight by Castle talk as well as insights into Debra and her motivations as a villain. I think the scene went well, all told, but I fell asleep working on it. Literally. I’ll have to finish it off during break time tomorrow. 

It’s 1am, and time for bed… 

May 8

May 7, 2013: English Breakfast

Writing Session: English Breakfast

Author/Genre: Jamie DeBree/rom suspense

Words written: 508

Total Words: 3,647

Time Spent: 30 minutes


This story’s moving along nicely, though not as quickly as I’d hoped it might. But, what do you do? And will Officer whats-his-name Wilson loosen up? Where the heck is Patrick? Will she kill him next time? These are the questions that keep me writing…

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May 2

May 1, 2013: 746 wds, English Breakfast

Draft Title: English Breakfast
Author/Genre: Jamie DeBree/Romantic Suspense
Words Written: 746
Words to Date: 3,139
Time Writing: 1 hour

After no writing yesterday, I was behind today, and the plan was to use one writing session for EB, and the next for another draft. But my first session progress was less than I wanted, so I ended up using both for EB. And I wrote myself a lovely little plot point that I have no idea how to justify yet too. But I’ll find out soon enough. As always, this story just took an odd turn I didn’t anticipate…and there’s another one right around the corner. So that should be interesting…

It’s 12:09am (on 5/2), and I’m going to bed. Hopefully tomorrow’s more productive…I really need to get scenes for two drafts done to catch up this week.

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April 30

April 29, 2013: 558 wds, THHG

Draft Title: The Handyman’s Harem Girl (THHG)
Author/Genre: Jamie DeBree/Romantic Suspense
Words Written: 558
Words to Date: 26,719
Time Writing: 1 hour

Tonight’s writing session was annoying, to say the least. One of my dogs has a very sensitive stomach that’s upset, and he requires extra care/watching when that happens. So I didn’t get nearly as many words in as I wanted to.

Adding to that, this particular scene is a bit more difficult as there’s much that needs to be explained – and quickly – before the reader decides the story isn’t plausible and tosses the book aside. Plus there are some plot points I need to set up here, now that I sort of have a general idea of what’s coming later on. So it’s slower going overall, and the dog thing just didn’t help.

The dog seems to be doing better finally (provided I didn’t just jinx the both of us), and while it’s not a full scene (or even close to done), I have enough written for tomorrow’s serial post.

It’s 12:33am, and I think I’m off to bed.