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Category: Romantic Adventure

May 20, 2013: Mr. Mysterious & THHG

Writing Session #1: Mr. MysteriousAuthor/Genre: JD/rom. SuspenseWords written:  505Total Words:  6,549 (all installments)Time Spent:  15 minutes  Notes: This could be a good sign – I decided to commandeer my non-fic writing breaks for the holiday serial stories I need to have done by next Monday, and today the words just started flying. I hope the rest of it goes […]

May 13, 2013: Kitchen Org. & THHG

Writing Session #1: KOG Author/Genre: JD/Non-Fic Words written: n/a Total Words: n/a Time Spent:  15 minutes Notes:Started on the second section today…got a couple paragraphs done and the rest planned out. Not bad for a Monday.. Writing Session #2: THHG Author/Genre: JD/Rom. suspense Words written: 471 Total Words: 27,959 Time Spent:  1/2 hour Notes: I got distracted tonight by Castle talk as well as insights into […]

May 7, 2013: English Breakfast

Writing Session: English Breakfast Author/Genre: Jamie DeBree/rom suspense Words written: 508 Total Words: 3,647 Time Spent: 30 minutes Notes:  This story’s moving along nicely, though not as quickly as I’d hoped it might. But, what do you do? And will Officer whats-his-name Wilson loosen up? Where the heck is Patrick? Will she kill him next time? These are the questions […]