August 31

August 30, 2013: More TNL

Writing Session 1: The Naughty List

Author/Genre: TM/erotic romance

Words written:  390

Total words: 15,952

Time Spent:  30 minutes (after work)

Notes: Whew!
*fans self* This is why I can’t write these during work hours, not that
I actually got a break today anyway. It’s coming along well, but
there’s still a lot to write, and this story is due Monday. So more
later tonight…gotta get it finished up, so I can get to work on the
final edits and formatting for THD (due out next week)!


Writing Session 2: The Naughty List
TM/erotic romance
Words written:

Total words 16,327

Time Spent:  30 minutes (late night)

Notes: Another
less-than-stellar late night, largely due to a noisy living room,
freezing A/C and simply being too tired this late at night to focus on
much of anything. I’ve gone soft, dang it! What happened to being able
to write until the wee hours of the morning? It’s annoying, I tell ya.
well. This story has to be finished by Monday, and hopefully I’ll get
some time to myself Sat and/or Sunday to finish it. For now, I guess I’m
off to find a book for awhile. Or sleep. That would be good too.
May 28

May 27, 2013: The Naughty List

Writing Session #1: The Naughty List
Author/Genre: Trinity Marlow/erotic romance
Words written:  468
Total Words:   468 (this installment)
Time Spent:  30 minutes

Finally got started on this holiday serial short. I really wasn’t sure
about the subject matter, but once I started writing, I realized that
Jodi and Ty have something else more important to work out. So we’ll see
where that goes, but I think it’s important to the relationship, even
if it means this installment is a bit more tame…

Writing Session #2: The Naughty List
Author/Genre: Trinity Marlow/erotic romance
Words written:  243
Total Words:   711 (this installment)
Time Spent:  30 minutes

Notes: Ugh.
Wrote a good couple hundred words before I figured out I was going the
wrong way, deleted, and then started again. Why this part is so hard is
beyond me, but it’s annoying. And my time is slipping away faster than
I’d like today. Have to run check on my defrosting freezer (make sure
the basement isn’t a lake), and then I might take a shower just to think
the rest of this story through. I don’t really have time, but maybe it
will help me get out of my own head and into the story, so to speak…

Writing Session #3: The Naughty List
Author/Genre: Trinity Marlow/erotic romance
Words written:  938
Total Words:   1,649 (this installment)
Time Spent:  1 hour

Well, this session went better, but it’s still not done. Dang it. I
think it’s honest for the characters though, and that’s what matters. I
just really wish I’d have gotten it done earlier, considering these take
me so long to write…next time, I hope! One more session tonight
should finish this off…

Writing Session #4: The Naughty List
Author/Genre: Trinity Marlow/erotic romance
Words written:  244
Total Words:   1,893 (this installment)
Time Spent: 2 hours

Notes: Good lord. Tried to write
while watching TV, got super-few words in. And sometimes I have a really
hard time trying to figure out how to make a sex scene…not-boring.
Because you can only write a few until they all start sounding the same,
and then it takes awhile to figure out how to use the character’s
personalities to make the same basic thing…mean something. And
honestly, sometimes I’m not sure I pull it off, though I always try…

Writing Session #5: The Naughty List
Author/Genre: Trinity Marlow/erotic romance
Words written: 350
Total Words:   2,243 (this installment)
Time Spent: 2 hours

Notes: And finished, finally. And
naturally, I realized at the end that I screwed up the continuity
between all three stories too. So I’ll need to make a note to go back
and fix that. Writing this story menage of sorts is a bit like playing
3D chess at times, I swear. 

It’s 1am, and I need to sleep (work tomorrow – I’ll have to write the
serial scene for THHG on my breaks). Tomorrow I’m revamping my entire
writing/publishing schedule for the rest of the year
to accommodate getting all of these holiday stories done and out of the
way. I am *not* going to spend another holiday this year writing all
day. I love writing, but I want my holidays off to enjoy, dang it.

April 30

April 29, 2013: 558 wds, THHG

Draft Title: The Handyman’s Harem Girl (THHG)
Author/Genre: Jamie DeBree/Romantic Suspense
Words Written: 558
Words to Date: 26,719
Time Writing: 1 hour

Tonight’s writing session was annoying, to say the least. One of my dogs has a very sensitive stomach that’s upset, and he requires extra care/watching when that happens. So I didn’t get nearly as many words in as I wanted to.

Adding to that, this particular scene is a bit more difficult as there’s much that needs to be explained – and quickly – before the reader decides the story isn’t plausible and tosses the book aside. Plus there are some plot points I need to set up here, now that I sort of have a general idea of what’s coming later on. So it’s slower going overall, and the dog thing just didn’t help.

The dog seems to be doing better finally (provided I didn’t just jinx the both of us), and while it’s not a full scene (or even close to done), I have enough written for tomorrow’s serial post.

It’s 12:33am, and I think I’m off to bed.