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August 9, 2013: Cutting Back

Writing Session 1: Cutting BackAuthor/Genre: AW/horrorWords written: 1132 Total words: 12,582Time Spent:  15 minutes (break)  Notes: I kind of got on a roll with this today – had to force myself to stop! Melanie’s got an odd crisis on her hands…a mental disconnect that’s forcing her to reevaluate things like friendship while she deals with […]

August 6, 2013: Little of This, Smigen of That

Writing Session 1: THDAuthor/Genre: JD/romantic suspenseWords written: n/a Total words: n/aTime Spent:  15 minutes (break)  Notes: With revisions done, I decided to just do a quick spelling/formatting check and get this sent off to my editor, finally. Was going to do it last night, but got distracted by domestic stuff. Feels good to have it […]

August 5, 2013: Jasmine Betrayal & THD, Finished!

Writing Session 1: Jasmine BetrayalAuthor/Genre: JD/romantic suspenseWords written: 182 Total words: 182Time Spent:  15 minutes (break)  Notes: Ooo…this is going to be good. And freaky. It always takes longer to write the beginning of a story, because I have to get to know the characters, and explore the world they’re in. Well worth it though. […]

July 31, 2013: Lemon Cream

Writing Session 1: Lemon CreamAuthor/Genre: TM/erotic romanceWords written: 592 Total words: 12,241Time Spent:  15 minutes (break)  Notes: Alrighty then. Physical stuff over, head games back in play. I sometimes struggle with the internal conflicts – the mind games we play with ourselves in relationships. Trying to make it real and not just tedious is sometimes…well, […]

July 30, 2013

Writing Session 1: The Handyman’s Dancer (formerly THHG)Author/Genre: JD/romantic suspenseWords written: n/a (revising) Total words: n/aTime Spent:  15 minutes (break)  Notes: I tried to work on this several times yesterday, and simply couldn’t do it. Ugh. I managed to revise two scenes this morning, one of which had to be half-rewritten instead, but I think […]

July 26: More Revisions…

Writing Session 1: The Handyman’s Dancer (formerly THHG)Author/Genre: JD/romantic suspenseWords written: n/a (revising)Total words: n/aTime Spent:  15 minutes (break)   Notes: After a day of *thinking* about revising, and doing everything in my power to avoid it, I’m back at it today. Just revised the 10th scene, which involved rewriting an entire conversation. I’m actually kind of surprised I got it […]

July 24, 2013: Lemon Cream

Writing Session 1: Lemon Cream Author/Genre: TM/erotic romance Words written: 694 Total Words: 11,277 Time Spent: 45 minutes (after work) Notes: Man, it feels good to get back into a draft. Revisions suck (hence nothing done on breaks today, unless you count staring at the words thinking “duh…” for 15 minutes). Drafting is fun. And […]