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Into the Calm

You might remember that last week, I’d finally resigned myself to writing in bits and pieces of time, rather than trying to keep a schedule that just wasn’t working. And I’m happy to say that along with a new commitment to daily planning, this is finally working. I write in 15 minute increments – at least two, sometimes three a day. I’m working on two drafts, and I get a few words in for each daily, which feels really, incredibly good. I wish I’d just done this earlier – quit “fighting” my life, and worked with the flow, rather than against it. I’ve known that was the key to success for many years, but somewhere in the last few, I forgot it and started fighting.

So I’m getting words done, I’m feeling more “sane” overall, and I’m definitely approaching that calm, smooth point where writing isn’t a source of stress or guilt, but rather a point of peace in an overly nutty world. The eye of the tornado, I suppose you could say. It’s a beautiful, though somewhat chaotic thing (or so I’d imagine).

I am going to have to put in some longer writing stints if I want to make my publishing goals next fall/winter. And I have a vacation coming up soon that I may take advantage of for that. But for now, the short sessions are good enough. Anything to get daily words in.

This week’s excerpt is a few words from The Beauty Stone. Enjoy…

“Thank you,” she said, pocketing her money. “Next time, I’ll pay.”

Rob smiled and gave her a nod. “You’re welcome.” The words gave her a funny feeling in the pit of her stomach, and she tried to ignore it. It was just an ice cream cone. Why did it feel weird? Maybe she was coming down with something.

“So you think the next stone is in Hawaii?” Cass asked as soon as they sat down. “Did you figure out that clue with the sundial?”

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