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June 13, 2013: Lemon Cream & Plotting

Writing Session 1: Lemon Cream
Author/Genre: TM/Erotic Romance
Words written:  324
Total Words:  6,199
Time Spent:  15 minutes (break)

Notes: And we’re cruisin’ along again…but poor Susie isn’t. The mind is a horrible thing sometimes…with way too much control over our physical responses. Insanely frustrating, isn’t it? 

Writing Session 2: Lemon Cream
Author/Genre: TM/Erotic Romance
Words written:  736
Total Words:  6,935
Time Spent:  15 minutes (break)

Notes: Um, yeah. Is it hot in here? Do I have to stop? Fine. But after work, this issue has to be resolved…Susie’s not the only one frustrated at the moment (TMI? Eh, you did want to know what the writer was thinking, I assume, or you wouldn’t be here reading, right?). Memo to self – this genre needs to be kept to after work hours, thankyouverymuch…

Writing Session 3: Lemon Cream
Author/Genre: TM/Erotic Romance
Words written:  197
Total Words:  7,132
Time Spent:  15 minutes (after work)

Notes: Whew! Yeah. ‘Nuff said. I need a cold shower…

Writing Session 4: Holiday Serial Stories
Author/Genre: JD/TM/AW
Words written:  0
Total Words:  n/a
Time Spent:  30 minutes (late night)

Notes: No actual writing for these tonight…I was going to work on one, but instead I spent the time going back to re-read the last stories so I could fix some continuity issues and figure out where each story is headed next (generally speaking). I’m not much of a plotter, but sometimes it does help to have a vague plan before jumping in, especially with three interconnected stories like this. I’ll work on Mr. Mysterious tomorrow, and hopefully Cutting Back too. 

It’s 12:30am, and time for some reading, methinks…

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