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June 21, 2013: Cutting Back

Writing Session 1: Cutting Back
Author/Genre: AW/horror
Words written:  286
Total Words:  9,049
Time Spent:  15 minutes (break)

Notes: Melanie may not be able to provide her friends much security, but I think she’s got the revenge part down pat. I’m anxious to hear about the artwork she did for the VA, but she’s not telling until she sees the news, dang it. I hate when characters are so secretive….

(Yes, I was going to work on LC this break, but decided to let the scene stand as it is for this week. It’s at a nice stopping point that I think might make readers curious about what happens next…)

Writing Session 2: Cutting Back
Author/Genre: AW/horror
Words written:  494
Total Words:  9543
Time Spent:  15 minutes (break)

Notes: Right in the middle of this little bit, I got slammed with a totally unrelated yet awesome idea. I have no idea why, but it’s gonna happen. It’s too perfect not to write! 

And this section went rather well too, as you can see. I love it when the story just sort of takes off, and my only job is keeping up as it plays in my head. So much easier than all that pesky thinking…

Writing Session 3: Cutting Back
Author/Genre: AW/horror
Words written:  627
Total Words:  10,170
Time Spent:  45 minutes (after work)

Notes: Melanie has to work hard for this one…but I think she might pull it off. But what if she doesn’t? There’s an interesting question…will it make her more prone to breaking the “holidays-only” rule? And would she take it out on her stalker-helper? That could be interesting…hmm…

 No late night session tonight…I’m still trying to decide on a mind-mapping software to suit my needs, and waffling on the need to have my maps available on my tablet offline. Most licensed programs require a connection, but what if I’m out of wi-fi range working on a book, and need to check something? Most programs with both a web/desktop and mobile app require that too, which is really annoying. So we’ll see.

Now, it’s 12:30am, and I’m tired. A very little bit of reading, and then sleep, methinks. TGIF!

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