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June 25, 2013: Sprouted!

Writing Session 1: Sprouted
Author/Genre: AW/Horror
Words written:  350
Total Words:  7,114
Time Spent:  15 minutes (break)

Notes: Arg! This is the last scene (or maybe couple scenes, but I’ll finish it today, in any case), and once I get to this point in the story, I just want to write until it’s done. No stopping, as fast as I can, barreling full speed ahead. Of course I can’t, because…day job…but ugh, it sucks having to stop right here. Can’t wait to hit it again this afternoon! 

Writing Session 2: Sprouted
Author/Genre: AW/horror
Words written:  325
Total Words:  7,439
Time Spent:  15 minutes (break)

Notes: So. Very. Close…and another mystery/murder that needs to be solved/absolved as well. Definitely two scenes, then…will I finish today? We’ll see. I’m a full day ahead in my writing this week, so I think either way, I’ll follow this to the end, because…well…because I have to. Hope the rest of the afternoon goes fast!  

Writing Session 3: Sprouted
Author/Genre: AW/horror
Words written:  902
Total Words:  8341
Time Spent:  45 minutes (after work)

Notes: I can’t decide if it’s done, or it just needs one more paragraph. Readers might hate me for the open ending, but it appeals to my literary side in the sense that the implication is pretty clear, just not the methodology. We’ll see what my editor says, but for now, I think that’s it. A very interesting and satisfying tale, if I do say so myself…

No plotting tonight either, dang it – and of course it’s my own fault. I bummed around on social media instead, not even doing anything productive. Well, doing very little productive. I used the rampant political posts to trim down my following lists both on twitter & FB. See? They are useful for something, I guess (note, I didn’t take sides…I’m an equal-opportunity unfollower/post hider – I just don’t want a ton of politics in my feeds, or people quick to get all hot under the collar about…well, anything, really).

Anyways, it’s 1am now, and I really should have gotten more done. But I’m off to bed, after a good day all around. It would be awesome if tomorrow’s writing sessions would be this easy…


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