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June 26, 2013: Cutting Back & Lemon Cream

Writing Session 1: Cutting Back
Author/Genre: AW/horror
Words written:  450
Total Words:
Time Spent:  15 minutes (break)

Notes: Poor Melanie. She’s having “a night”. She might need to do something drastic to shake the funk…

Writing Session 2: Lemon Cream
Author/Genre: TM/Erotic romance
Words written:  307
Total Words:  8,050
Time Spent:  45 minutes (after work)

Notes: Some days, the words just come (no pun intended). Other days, not so much. Dang it. Thing is, I tend to take on the mood of my characters when I write (sort of have to get inside their head to write what they’re thinking), and both Melanie before and now Susan are very confused about what they want right now. Which makes me melancholy and a little crabby (even though I know what *I* want, which is dinner). In any case, being in the correct mindset to “write” internal conflict makes it harder to actually get the words out on paper. It’s all rather ironic (and more than a little frustrating)…

Writing Session 3: Lemon Cream
Author/Genre: TM/Erotic Romance
Words written: 372
Total Words: 8,422
Time Spent:  30 minutes (late night)

Notes: My melancholy mood served me well tonight…or rather, it served Susan well. And now that she’s on a more even keel again, I am too. Funny how that works, isn’t it? Kind of scary, actually, considering I write horror as well…

Not too bad of a day really, given I didn’t get my first break at work, so it was abbreviated. And now with all of this week’s serial chapters done, I can focus on finishing up the holiday shorts that are due next Thursday. And that beta read I’m working on.

I have tomorrow afternoon off work for a dentist appt (cleaning), so hopefully I can get some extra reading/writing in then as well. 

Now it’s 12:30am, and I’m going to read and

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