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June 28, 2013: The Naughty List

Writing Session 1: The Naughty List
Author/Genre: TM/Erotic romance
Words written:  279
Total Words:  10,473 (all installments)
Time Spent:  15 minutes (break)

Notes: This might need a new title, sadly. I just saw another book with the same title released this week. But, I’ll worry about that later. More pressingly, the next installment of this holiday serial is due in 5 working days (4, actually, considering it needs to be posted next Thursday). Ack! To make matters even…um…more fun, I’d already set the tone for extreme emotional conflict in this story by alluding to it in the start of the first two related stories. And I had no idea why that would be until I opened up the last TNL story today, and realized that I did, indeed leave it on a “note” that would be grounds for confrontation. Thank goodness my subconscious remembered that, because jumping stories/genres as I do, I can barely remember who did what last by the time I cycle back around to a specific set of characters again. Yes, yes I do write myself into a lot of corners without even thinking about it. It’s a gift. 

Oh dear. This is more serious than I thought. Looks like it’s going to be kind of a bumpy ride for Ty & Jodi this go-round…

Writing Session 2: The Naughty List
Author/Genre: TM/Erotic romance
Words written:  364
Total Words:  10,837
Time Spent:  30 minutes (after work)

Notes: This is actually really tough…I didn’t see this as being the big deal it’s turned into, and I’m a little worried, honestly. Rough emotions for them means slow-going for me, unfortunately. We’ll see where it all ends up… *crosses fingers*

 Never did get back to this, dang it. Just one of those days. Guess I’ll be finishing up next week – but at least one of the weekly serials is done, so I should have plenty of time. Hooray for the weekend!

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