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June 6, 2013: English Breakfast & Sprouted

Writing Session #1: English Breakfast
Author/Genre: JD/Rom. Suspense
Words written:  242
Total Words:   7,138
Time Spent:  15 minutes (break)

And…scene done, more or less. I might need to revise this a bit once I
figure out the endgame of the captors, but it’ll work for now. And I
know we’re headed toward a bait & switch set-up, so at least I know
the immediate plans…

Writing Session #2: Sprouted
Author/Genre: AW/Horror
Words written:  217
Total Words:  4,894
Time Spent:  30 minutes (after work)

We’re getting closer to the good part now…how’s it going to go down? I
have no idea, but I know how it starts, which is where I’ll pick up
later tonight…

Writing Session #3: Sprouted
Author/Genre: AW/Horror
Words written:  182
Total Words: 5,086
Time Spent:  30 minutes (late night)

Notes: I should have picked this up
again earlier, but tonight was a mish-mash of oddity, and while I know
where it’s going, I’m also really tired from having staying up way too
late last night reading. You know it’s bad when you misspell every few
words or so just because you’re too tired to type (that includes this
post, incidentally). 
So, I’ll finish it
tomorrow on break. Should go quickly now that I know where I’m headed.
Only a few more scenes left in this story…

1am, and I’m off to bed. Sweet dreams, and sweeter stories!

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