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May 13, 2013: Kitchen Org. & THHG

Writing Session #1: KOG
Author/Genre: JD/Non-Fic
Words written: n/a
Total Words: n/a
Time Spent:  15 minutes

Started on the second section today…got a couple paragraphs done and the rest planned out. Not bad for a Monday..

Writing Session #2: THHG
Author/Genre: JD/Rom. suspense
Words written: 471
Total Words: 27,959
Time Spent:  1/2 hour

Notes: I got distracted tonight by Castle talk as well as insights into Debra and her motivations as a villain. I think the scene went well, all told, but I fell asleep working on it. Literally. I’ll have to finish it off during break time tomorrow. 

It’s 1am, and time for bed… 

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