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May 2, 2013: Kitchen Guide Intro & 347wds – Sprouted

Session #1
Draft Title:
Kitchen Organizing Guide
Author/Genre: Jamie DeBree/non-fic
Words Written: n/a – working in sections
Section worked:  Introduction (complete)
Time Writing: 15 minutes

I get two fifteen minute breaks at work – theoretically (I often end up skipping/missing them). I actually did manage to take one today, and spent it finishing off the Introduction for the kitchen guide. It’s actually kind of amazing what you can get done in 15 minutes – I may try to actually take my breaks to work on non-fic more often. It’s easier than trying to fit fiction into that time – less of a mental shift.

Session #2

Draft Title: Sprouted
Author/Genre: Alex Westhaven/Horror
Words Written: 347
Words to Date: 1,931
Time Writing: 30 minutes

First writing session of the evening, and it was going well until I got interrupted. Hence the short word count, dang it. But I do know what’s happening in the next scene, so looking forward to writing that. The “heroine” in this story is evil – as are all my main characters in horror. which makes one wonder – can a heroine even “be” evil? Or does that demote her to just plain “main character” status? Deep thoughts & all….

Now it’s 12:05am, and I’ve spent the last half hour trying to talk myself into writing, and looking at the free comic book list for Saturday. I have tomorrow morning off work – think I’ll just go read, and worry about more words tomorrow…

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