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May 20, 2013: Mr. Mysterious & THHG

Writing Session #1: Mr. Mysterious
Author/Genre: JD/rom. Suspense
Words written:  505
Total Words:  6,549 (all installments)
Time Spent:  15 minutes

Notes: This could be a good sign – I decided to commandeer my non-fic writing breaks for the holiday serial stories I need to have done by next Monday, and today the words just started flying. I hope the rest of it goes this well. If it does, I should be able to finish this story during my late night writing session tonight…

Writing Session #2: The Handyman’s Harem Girl
Author/Genre: JD/rom. Suspense
Words written:  894
Total Words:  29,057
Time Spent:  45 minutes

Notes: Crap. Yes, I just blew through 800 words in 45 minutes. That’s a good sign, normally…except today I reached that last pivotal point in the story where suddenly, everything starts to become clear, and the end is in sight. This is the point in every draft where I want to ignore everything and anything around me and just write, write, write until I finally hit the end (which is inevitably farther off than I anticipate – every single time). Dang it. I absolutely cannot work more on this until next week, with the holiday serials due next Monday. Ack! I really hate this part…

Writing Session #3: Mr. Mysterious
Author/Genre: JD/rom. Suspense
Words written: 292
Total Words: 6,841
Time Spent:  45 minutes

Notes: Looks like my writing streak broke. Although the fact of the matter is, I’m often slower the later it gets…I start getting tired, and falling asleep while I’m writing. It’s harder to maintain focus, especially since tonight, my eyes are giving me fits (need to put gel in them). Still, much past 12:30 and I’m toast anymore, which is really too bad since the house is so very quiet right now. 

Ah well. Such is life, and I’ll write more tomorrow. It’s 12:50am, and I’m off to bed…

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