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May 21, 2013: It’s all about Mysterious…

Writing Session #1: Mr. Mysterious
Author/Genre: JD/rom. Suspense
Words written:  374
Total Words:  1,171 (this installment)
Time Spent:  15 minutes
Notes: This
was cruisin’ along pretty well, and then my time was up, dang it.
Hopefully I can get an earlier start on the late-night session tonight,
and maybe finish this up? Each installment has been around 2k words so

Writing Session #2:  English Breakfast
Author/Genre:  JD/Rom. Suspense
Words written:  522
Total Words:   5,520
Time Spent:  20 minutes
Notes: I
was going to keep going, but with the holiday serials due, I’m cutting
this off at just enough for a short scene. With any luck, next week I’ll
have more time to spend on these, but I really need to get the serials
done, so using the rest of this time for Mr. Mysterious…

Writing Session #3:  Mr. Mysterious
Author/Genre:  JD/Rom. suspense
Words written:  254
Total Words: 1,425 (this installment) 
Time Spent: 20 minutes
Notes: Every
little bit counts…and we’re getting to the juicy part now. I doubt
the rest of this installment will let me doze off tonight…

Writing Session #4:  Mr. Mysterious
JD/Rom. suspense
Words written: 
Total Words:
1,948 (this installment) 
Time Spent:
1 hour
I’d just started this half an hour earlier, I’d have finished it. As it
is, I just have a teeny bit to write tomorrow and it will be done. I
don’t know why these take me so long, but it’s annoying that they do.
Still, I think they’re going to make some intriguing stories when I
finally finish them at the end of the year.

It’s 1:00am, and I’m off to bed…

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