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May 23, 2013: Sprouted & Lemon Cream

Writing Session #1: Sprouted
Author/Genre: Alex Westhaven/horror
Words written:  783
Total Words:   3,839
Time Spent:  30 minutes

 I got on a serious roll with this today…finished the scene in record time across my two breaks, though it definitely will need some editing later. I’m glad it’s done though – and I really like the turn the story’s taking too. Very twisted, which is perfect. 

Writing Session #2: Lemon Cream
Author/Genre: Trinity Marlow/erotic romance
Words written:  348
Total Words:   3,859
Time Spent:  30 minutes

Got about half done with this week’s scene, and figured out that Master Alec is a radio persona – my hero’s real name is Nick Wells. Wish he would have told me that a few scenes back, so I didn’t need to change it in a bunch of places…and write this week’s scene differently to let readers in on the secret. But it does make this part of the story more plausible (actually, some earlier spots too), so all’s well. So to speak. 

Writing Session #3: Lemon Cream
Author/Genre: Trinity Marlow
Words written:  346
Total Words:   4,205
Time Spent:  1 hour

Notes: I’m tired tonight again – think it’s the vitamin D. In any case, got another 300 words in and just have a little bit left to finish the scene. I’ll do that tomorrow on a break. Now it’s 12:30am, and time to sleep….

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