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May 24, 2013: Lemon Cream & Cutting Back

Writing Session #1: Lemon Cream
Author/Genre: Trinity Marlow/erotic romance
Words written:  180
Total Words:   4,385
Time Spent:  15 minutes

Finished today’s serial installment – whew! Things are getting
interesting now. And this story is making me hungry for pastries…and
lemon cake, and lemon meringue pie…

Writing Session #2: Cutting Back
Author/Genre: Alex Westhaven/horror
Words written:  797
Total Words:  797 (this installment)
Time Spent:  45 minutes

Melanie has a sick and twisted mind…which is why she fascinates me.
And now I need to research hide tanning methods, though I may actually
not need it for this particular story after all. Still…

Writing Session #3: Cutting Back
Author/Genre: Alex Westhaven/horror
Words written:  558
Total Words:   1,355 (this installment)
Time Spent:  1 hour

Well that was awkward. This little story is clicking along quite well,
but it is pretty disturbing, especially for Memorial Day. But that is
kind of the definition of horror, right? One more session after my
nightly chores, and this story should be finished! 

Writing Session #4: Cutting Back
Author/Genre: Alex Westhaven/horror
Words written:  844
Total Words:   2,199 (this installment)
Time Spent:  1 hour

Notes: And…finished! I think
Melanie made great strides in this story installment, though forgetting what she forgot was a rookie mistake. Especially since Laura’s guy is a spy,
though he’s a little busy with other things at the moment. Aaron makes
me nervous though. I don’t think he’s exactly what he seems…but that’s
to find out in another installment, I guess. 
11:46pm, and I’m taking the rest of tonight, Saturday and most of
Sunday off, even though I still have another whole holiday story
installment to write. I need a break, and I have Monday off (which is
when the story is due), so I’ll start it Sunday night and finish Monday.
Hooray for long holiday weekends!

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