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National Novel Writing Month Begins (uh, late)!

Yeah, I’m a little late starting NaNo this year. I got a tiny start on Sunday night, and then a little bit more Monday, but nothing to write home about (ahem).

Tuesday (today, actually – it’s just after midnight Weds, but since I haven’t gone to bed yet…) was a holiday for the day job, so I used the majority of my day to write. I’m starting the month with two serial drafts still in play as well, so I spent an hour or so getting this week’s scenes for those done so I can focus on getting caught up with the NaNo draft for the rest of the week.

Here’s the Tuesday word count:

TBA (serial novel): 623
UHW (serial novel): 649
TTS (NaNo novel): 2240

For a grand total of: 3512 words.

Not too shabby, considering I struggled to build up any kind of momentum at all on the NaNo draft – a side effect of all the planning I’ve been doing with that book. There are certain parts of it that really need to stay true to the series arc, not just the single book arc, so I kind of got bogged down when I started writing and right away on the very first page it wanted to go in a different direction. Because it would have affected not only this book, but the four others I have planned in the series, I had to fix it right then, or it would have meant major revisions later. And I hate revisions.

So, I fixed it, got back on track, started getting to know my characters, and finally the story started telling itself, which is always the best zone to be in.

Now if I can just keep up this pace all week, I might have a chance at catching up yet. We’ll see! Stay tuned…

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