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Writer’s Notes: Feb. 15, 2015

Okay, I admit it. I’m overwhelmed. Not to the point of burnout, because I’m being careful not to let myself go there, but I’m definitely at the point where even thinking about my list of things to do as far as business and marketing go makes me want to…well, not. On the actual writing front, […]

Writer’s Notes: Feb. 9, 2015

I started my day by reminding myself that I’m not going to let the never-ending marketing/publishing to-do list burn me out again. Generally it’s not a good sign when you have to remind yourself of things like that. In fact, it’s  a sign that the pressure is getting dangerously close to the boiling point, and […]

Writer’s Notes: January 25, 2015

I had such high hopes for this week. In some areas, I went backwards, in others, I made a lot of progress. Unfortunately I went backwards on the word count, and I’m never going to meet my monthly/yearly goals if that keeps up. Here’s the word count tally for last week: Mine (Meadowlark Mayhem 1, finishing Jan. installment): […]

Writer’s Notes: January 11, 2015

Given that daily updates here just aren’t really working for me (cuts into the writing time, and even more so now that I’m trying to get to bed earlier – yes, I know, laugh it up. I did say”trying”…), I’ve decided to change the direction and focus of this blog to something more manageable (and possibly more […]

National Novel Writing Month Begins (uh, late)!

Yeah, I’m a little late starting NaNo this year. I got a tiny start on Sunday night, and then a little bit more Monday, but nothing to write home about (ahem). Tuesday (today, actually – it’s just after midnight Weds, but since I haven’t gone to bed yet…) was a holiday for the day job, […]

Writing Notes, August 20, 2014

Writing Session 1: MacKenzie Saves the World Author/Genre: JD/sweet romance Words written:  198 Total words:  42,026 Time Spent: 15 minutes Notes: Aaand…scene cut. To cliffhanger. Sorry, my pretties. It had to be done… 😉   Writing Session 2: Under His WingAuthor/Genre: JD/contemp. paranormal romanceWords written:  198Total words:  22,647Time Spent: 15 minutes Notes: This…is not going to end well… Writing Session 3: Under His […]

Writing Notes: August 19, 2014

Writing Session 1: MacKenzie Saves the World Author/Genre: JD/sweet romance Words written:  294 Total words:  41,502 Time Spent: 15 minutes Notes: Good start to this scene, methinks. And I know where the rest of it is headed, if I can just get it all typed out. Dang slow fingers… Writing Session 2: MacKenzie Saves the World Author/Genre: JD/sweet romance Words written:  […]