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Rollin’ With It

My writing space is protected by the coziest slumber party ever...every night.

My writing space is protected by the coziest slumber party ever…every night.

Last week was nutty – lots going on at work meant I was discombobulated at home too. Funny how that happens. But things are calmer now, and I’m focusing on not feeling guilty for things left undone and just moving forward, doing what I can. Last week, no blog, and no writing. This week, I’ve already gotten 500 words in for Monday, and hopefully will do at least that much every day for the rest of the week too.

I just got the edits back on my first Stone Scavenger novel too, which means I have something to look forward this weekend as well.

My writing session Monday night was inspired, I tell you what. I love when that happens. You’re just writing along, minding your character’s business, and all of a sudden – bam! The story you thought was taking off in a completely unrelated direction just suddenly makes sense again, and you have this perfectly logical explanation for something that you had no idea how it was going to come about or work out. I love it when that happens. It’s magic.

In any case, it’s also very late, and I have an early morning at work on Tuesdays, so off to bed I go. Here’s an excerpt from Monday’s session on Donteneoux’s Dragon (mostly because I haven’t downloaded Friday’s session on The Beauty Stone from the Neo just yet…).

They would need protection. Something scarier than ghosts and yet otherworldly in nature. Something that would convince the Triad Council to stay away from that land and allow his family to live in peace.

A lizard scuttled onto the windowsill and sat up on its hind legs, tiny claws braced on the side as it considered the pan he’d just finished eating from. The sun was just behind it, casting a long shadow on the far wall of a monstrous being that appeared for a split second to unfurl wings of an immense span when a bird flew by at the perfect height.

If only such a creature existed, Peraine thought as the lizard leapt from the sill to the table. If one could tame such a creature to do one’s bidding, no one would dare come near enough to harm anyone under the creature’s protection…

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