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Still Chippin’ Away…

…at my own resistance, as well as my word count. *sigh*

Last week was another low word-count week for me. No, I don’t have a good excuse, because at this point, there just are no good excuses. If I didn’t make it back to the office in time, that’s all me. If I spent my writing time sucked into Facebook or shopping on Amazon, well, those were choices I made (and arguably things I should have just done earlier, or not at all). It’s frustrating, and while there are people out there who would tell me not to push it, and to just wait and write when I feel like it…well, I feel like it, honest. I *want* to write. I enjoy writing when I sit down and start tapping away. I’m just not *doing it*, and a large part of that is due to two rookie mistakes:

– I’m not organized enough
– Writing is not a high enough priority

See what happened there? Even when I was making that teeny-tiny list, the priority issue came out last (I almost edited it, and then decided it made a good example).

I can fix both of those, it’s just going to take a little reorganization of my schedule, and I need to use my Alphasmart for awhile, so I don’t get sucked into internet-things during my writing time. Basically, I need to use the tools I have at my disposal to allow myself to make writing both a priority and a habit again.

Mostly, I need to just do it. By pen or typewriter or alphasmart or keyboard. Whatever works.

Excuse me while I go write…so I have something to post as an excerpt…

The Time Stone & The Beauty Stone - Inspirational Talismans

The Time Stone & The Beauty Stone – Inspirational Talismans

***531 words later***

It’s kind of amazing (and scary) what you can do when you just buckle down and do it. I wrote a good chunk today, deleted three-fourths of it because it was going in a direction contrary to the central theme of the story, and rewrote it to reflect the theme. I ended up getting a little “easter egg” for a sub-plot from my subconscious too, so bonus! If I can keep this up for the rest of the week, it’s gonna be a good one.

Without further ado, here’s an excerpt with the easter-egg:

They giggled and flowed out into the main hall and moved in unison with the other students through the main doors and down the stairs to the front lawn. Sydney stopped and sat in the grass, pulling the other girls down with her in a fit of laughter.

“Paige was totally going to rat you out,” Ariana said, her eyes scanning the crowd as it flowed further out toward the buses and waiting cars. “What did you do to her, anyways? She’s been horrible to you most of this past year.”

“Ever since she started wearing all that makeup,” Cassidy chimed in. “And dressing like a little you-know-what. Somebody thinks she’s better than us now that her dad got promoted to Police Chief.”

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