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Writer’s Notes: January 25, 2015

I had such high hopes for this week. In some areas, I went backwards, in others, I made a lot of progress. Unfortunately I went backwards on the word count, and I’m never going to meet my monthly/yearly goals if that keeps up. Here’s the word count tally for last week: Mine (Meadowlark Mayhem 1, finishing Jan. installment): […]

Writer’s Notes: January 11, 2015

Given that daily updates here just aren’t really working for me (cuts into the writing time, and even more so now that I’m trying to get to bed earlier – yes, I know, laugh it up. I did say”trying”…), I’ve decided to change the direction and focus of this blog to something more manageable (and possibly more […]

National Novel Writing Month Begins (uh, late)!

Yeah, I’m a little late starting NaNo this year. I got a tiny start on Sunday night, and then a little bit more Monday, but nothing to write home about (ahem). Tuesday (today, actually – it’s just after midnight Weds, but since I haven’t gone to bed yet…) was a holiday for the day job, […]

Writer’s Notes: June 23, 2014

Writing Session 1: MacKenzie Saves the World Author/Genre: JD/sweet romance Words written:  398 Total words:  36,292 Time Spent: 30 minutes Notes: I need to finish this scene, but…I don’t wanna go where it wants to go. So I’m going to pout for a few hours before I finish it. It’s not that I normally have issues torturing my characters […]

Writer’s Notes: June 19, 2014

No writing today, though I did do a lot of thinking about writing, and planning. I planned out the last scene due tomorrow night, so I’ll write that after work tomorrow (or on breaks, if I take them). The thing about writing is…if I’m thinking “about” writing – by which I mean, the technical details […]

Writer’s Notes: June 4, 2014

Writing Session 1: Under His WingAuthor/Genre: JD/contemp. paranormal romanceWords written:  626Total words:  15,729Time Spent: 30 minutes Notes: Another slow starter (gee, can I whine enough about that lately?), but once I got going and focused, it just scooted right along. Just how do you explain the internet to someone who’s never encountered it? And will Thomas become an […]