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The Writer’s High

It’s late, and I’ll keep this short & sweet (mostly because I need to get to bed), but…I’m writing again. Finally. After all these months of doing my best to tread water in the writing pool, something finally clicked in my brain and the last few nights have been bliss.

No, my word counts aren’t high yet, but just the fact that I’m excited to open a draft and start out editing, and end up writing at least a few more paragraphs before bed…it’s like a workout high, where you feel tired and refreshed and almost giddy all at the same time. No better feeling in the world.

I’ve been working on Donteneoux’s Dragon, so below is an excerpt from recent words added. I’ve been doing a lot of editing in both drafts…just to get myself back to where I’m comfortable/familiar with these worlds and characters, and I think that’s partly what made things “click” again.

In any case, while I’d love to stay up and write more, my eyes are protesting, and my head is telling me to take care of myself or I’ll end up right back where I started. Health first, and all that.

But I’m writing again – consistently. Hooray! And Whew!


He’d only seen the old homestead once – stumbling upon it by accident one eve as he rode through on his way to the Trinnoget gauntlet. There had been no moon, and he’d wandered over the border into the Centerlands and stumbled through the headstones in a private burial yard. Taking refuge from the rain in an open mausoleum, he’d woke with the sun as it shone through a cutout in the wall, illuminating an intricately carved stone coffin bearing the name Autienne Donteneoux.

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