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Wednesday – October 16, 2019

Current draft: MM
Words today: 2361
Total words: 30,367

MM is a ghost story, and it’s getting really fun to write. I’m really hoping to finish it by the end of October, because right away on Nov. 1st, I’ll be starting my novel for NaNoWriMo, and MM started as a NaNo novel two, maybe even three years ago. I’m excited to get this first draft done, finally, and work on editing it while I write the novel in November.

That’s the goal I reminded myself of when I wasn’t really feeling like writing on the way home from work tonight. By the time I got to Taco Johns, I’d talked myself into getting at least a few more words in, and while I was sitting in the drive thru lane waiting for our food, I started up Otter so I could dictate all the way home.

Now, to bed, because none of this works if I’m not well-rested. Crazy how that one little thing can affect so many not-so-little things in my life. Annoying, too!

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