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Weekly Writing: 10/6 – 10/12/18

Weekly Word Counts
MMM/TIK: 308
DD: 251
TBS: 0
BD: 650
Total: 1,209

Editing hours: 2

Long time no update! Only two weeks, actually, but the first week I just plain forgot, and last week…well, there was a Godsmack/Shinedown concert, and yeah, I forgot again. Not that I’ve been writing particularly much lately, but still.

My main problem with writing has been that I haven’t been able to find set times to form a habit around. Every time I think I have a new routine set, something co-ops that time spot that I have little or no control over. And I have a problem taking time away from my husband or dogs when they get little enough as is, which leaves me very little time left for myself. Generally time I’d be using for sleep. And then I have to make choices prioritizing writing or editing/publishing tasks. I have a couple of drafts that only need editing and publishing, but I can’t ever find the time to get those tasks done, and publishing is kind of the “cherry on top” of writing. Without that, I’m not sure why I keep trying. But I do.

In any case, I’m working on it, and constantly trying to form a more flexible “habit” of sorts (which goes against every personality trait I have). The other option is to give up writing, and I’m not ready to do that again. At least not yet.

But I feel good about the progress I made last week, and I plan to keep working on it this next week. Eventually, something will stick and I’ll be in a more productive place again. For awhile, at least.

I have started using a new writing program called Novelize. It’s a nice little program, well organized with a lot of nice bells and whistles. My only complaint is that it’s only accessible in the cloud, which means if the internet is out, you can’t access it. Granted, I am rarely without internet access, but it’s certainly a possibility. It means I need to remember to export a copy of all my drafts at least weekly (after each writing session would be better, but I tend to be lazy). At least the exports are rather beautifully formatted, and I think that will also help with the print formatting as well.

The nice thing about a cloud program is, of course, that I can access it anywhere I have internet. Which makes it easier to get a few minutes of writing in here and there around other things on the schedule.

It’s not quite as nice as Novlr (Novlr is both cloud-based and available offline too, though Novlr doesn’t have weekly progress emails), but Novelize is half the cost at only $5 per month, which also makes it rather appealing.

My rather lofty goal for this week is 500 words of fiction per day, plus 30 minutes of editing. We’ll see what happens, but it’s good to have goals. Even better to meet them.

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