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Weekly Writing: 11/1 – 11/2/2018

Weekly Word Counts
TIK: 619
DD: 557
TBS: 0
BD: 0
Total: 1,176

Editing hours: 0

You may (or may not) have noticed I missed a couple week’s worth of posts. I’ve been having another ridiculous pity party centered on not being able/willing to find time to write. I do that because of course, I want to do “all the things” and “right now” and all the things I want to do will not fit in a normal time period, so I have to set priorities and decide what’s important and what’s not and what is a waste of time and what’s not and pretty much every time I have to try to rearrange my far-too-full-priority list, I tend to have a mini-meltdown/temper tantrum because…well, you know. I can’t actually do “all the things”. Which sucks.

But, writing always makes the “high priority list”, and while I’m not participating in National Novel Writing Month ( this year, I’m definitely writing novels, and doing my damnedest to find enough time every single day/night (weekends included) to write a specific number of words starting at 500 and increasing by 50 words every weekday in November. It’s going to get harder as the month goes on, but that’s kind of the point. Once the month is over, I should have successfully found and made a habit of writing at certain specific times during the day – a habit/habits that I can continue indefinitely.

Early this week, it was Halloween, and that is one time of the year when everything else gets pushed aside for a few days while we set up and run our annual yard haunt, so there was no writing Mon/Tues/Weds. But Thursday, I picked a starting point, organized the rest of my day to make that time as free as possible, and wrote just over 600 words (the goal was 500).

Friday, the goal was 550 words, and I barely squeaked in at 7 words over, but I still made the goal, even after a long day and getting a late start writing. So I feel pretty good about those.

Today (Saturday) and Sunday, the goal stays at 550 words per day. I’m cycling through four drafts (just one after the other, every day a different story to keep the brain hoppin’), so today I’ll work on TBS, and tomorrow BD.

Next week’s goal list looks like this:
Mon: 600 wds on TIK
Tues: 650 wds on DD
Weds: 700 wds on TBS
Thurs: 750 wds on BD
Fri: 800 wds on TIK
Sat: 800 wds on DD
Sun: 800 wds on TBS

I’m equal parts scared that I won’t be able to make it happen, and determined to do whatever needs to be done to make sure it does happen, so…we’ll see. Goals are good. Progress is good. Finishing stories is good.

One of these days I might even get a little editing done too.

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