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Weekly Writing 11/25 – 11/30/18

Weekly Word Counts
TIK: 278
DD: 477
TBS: 154
BD: 0
Total: 909

Editing hours: 0

Clearly, the higher word count goals aren’t working for me, so I’m going back to basics with a standard 250 words per day goal. I’m still under a lot of the time, but getting better, and a big part of that is managing both my morning and evening routines more efficiently.

I will say that since I’ve been “playing” more, I’ve had an easier time writing. By playing, I mean playing video games, mostly. We got a hand-me-down PlayStation a month or so ago, and the hubby and I have been playing an adventure game on that in the evenings, and I’ve been playing games on my phone too. The only thing I can think to explain it is that the games get my mind out of work mode, and into “storytelling”/creative mode. I may only write for half an hour most nights, but while I’m writing, my mind is fully and completely in the story, and I could easily keep writing if I didn’t have to get to bed so I could get up the next day.

One night this week, I even got my chores done early enough to have a whole hour of writing time, which was fun. If I could do that more often, these stories would be flying. But I’m just happy that I’m moving them all forward, even if it’s just a little bit, every week.

I’m writing on the Alphasmart Neo again, because the netbook was just too hard on my wrists. I’ve pre-ordered a Freewrite Traveler, but that won’t ship until next summer. I’m on the fence about ordering a full-sized Freewrite after the first of the year. There are no arrow keys, so making minor edits will be impossible, but the keyboard and e-ink screen might be worth the outlay. I have a hard time seeing the Neo screen with the light I have in my office. We’ll see. The Freewrite is an expensive piece of equipment, so that purchase is going to require a bit more thought (and saving).

In the meantime, the Neo’s working well enough, and next week, maybe I’ll actually hit that 250 words per day goal. I’ll do my best!

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