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Weekly Writing 11/3 – 11/09/2018

Weekly Word Counts
TIK: 631
DD: 155
TBS: 331
BD: 0
Total: 1,117

Editing hours: 0

Last week the word counts didn’t go as planned, but something else did, so I’m still counting it as a success. I had some serious brain fog issues going on that were just unavoidable, unfortunately (should not be an issue this week).

But! I sat and wrote every single night last week between 11:15pm and midnight. And even though I didn’t get a lot of words on some nights, I maintained the routine, and I feel like I’m finally getting back into the daily habit of writing, which is what I’ve been trying to do for the last year. It felt good. It *feels* good. And I worked on three drafts, all of which I know where the story needs to go next, and am anxious to get back to work on. Even with the low overall word count, I feel like I accomplished a lot last week, instead of being down on myself for struggling every day and not getting anywhere. That’s good mental progress, even if the word count is still low.

I also realized that writing on the weekend is just not going to happen. I can’t stick to my normal routines, and the schedule has to be flexible due to all the other stuff going on. So, not going to sweat it. No writing on the weekends is just fine. It’ll still be okay. If I can eventually find weekend time, I’ll use it for publishing stuff (which really needs some attention as well).

Friday nights, I’m going to set aside for editing. I need to get going on that too, and it’s not going to happen if I don’t give it a set weekly time. But if I can get the other day counts up, that’s not going to be a problem. And BD is a short story, so it should be finished in a couple of weeks, and that time can go to one of the other three novel drafts.

The last word count increase I did was to 600, and then I got stuck trying to make 650. This week, I’ll start with the 650 goal and see if I can work my way up a little more slowly from there.

This week’s goals:
Mon: 650 words on TIK
Tues: 650 words on DD
Weds: 700 words on TBS
Thurs: 700 words on BD
Fri: Editing for DLA

I may need to switch back to the Neo – my right wrist is sore due to something stupid I did while getting Halloween decorations out, so good writing position is important for it, and I’m not sure the smaller netbook keyboard is helping with that. We’ll see. Either way, I have plenty of different options, so I should be able to find a more or less comfortable way to write. No excuses!

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