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Weekly Writing: 6/23 – 6/29/2018

Weekly Word Counts
MMM: 481
KITD: 466
TBS: 0
Total: 947
Difference from last week: -528

Editing hours: 0

As you can see, I’ve had some…uh…focus issues this week. I finally figured out Friday that the herbal remedy I’m taking to break up gallstones is affecting my hormones, which affects the way I think – and specifically how well I focus. Which is not well at all when the ol’ hormones aren’t in balance (men, don’t roll your eyes – you have hormones too, and I’d bet you a beer that your focus is affected by them as well).

In any case, a little extra ginger (to balance) saved one of my Friday writing sessions after losing Thursday altogether. I’ve probably got at least one more week of taking that herb, maybe two, but as long as I remember to balance it, my focus should be better this next week.

As far as the actual writing goes, my MMM draft has taken a more supernatural direction than I expected it to. Which sounds weird, because it’s always been a ghost story, but I actually never envisioned the physical aspects that are creeping in. This is why I don’t outline – I like my stories to evolve organically (and I lose interest in writing it if I already know what happens). And my KITD romance is evolving into something I didn’t expect as well, which is a good thing. I like it, but I still don’t know whether it’ll end up as a contemporary romance or an erotic one. We’ll see when it’s done!

That being said, I am trying to work a couple of new things into my normal writing workflow. One is cycle-editing, which I’ve done before, but not to the extent I’m trying to do it now. Basically, every night when I sit down for my second writing session (the first happens earlier with my Alphasmart, so no way to edit there), I upload the earlier words to the laptop, and then go back to the previous day’s work and edit my way back through the current day’s words. then just keep going from there. Cycle editing is nice because it gets me in “writing mode” without actually having to write anything new until my brain is steeped in the story again. And often I’ll catch stuff that either doesn’t make sense to be changed or taken out, and stuff my subconscious put in earlier without my really noticing that I can use going forward.

The second thing I’m trying to add to my workflow (unsuccessfully so far because my main draft is 13k words and I need to catch up) is mind-map outlining-as-I-go. Which is basically using a mind map to outline each story, but instead of outlining it before I write, I want to add to the outline after the day’s writing is done, so I can see how what I’ve written so far is fitting together, and get more of a “big picture” idea of the direction in which the story’s headed. I think this will also allow me to see where I can add complexity and subplots in more easily, instead of worrying about that sort of thing while I’m writing. I try hard to keep my critical voice silent while I’m actually writing, so these are the things I could add while cycle-editing, and hopefully the more I think about them outside writing times, the more they’ll inject themselves naturally through my subconscious while I’m in a writing session.

I’m hoping to get the initial mind-maps started/caught up to where each story’s at this weekend, and then I’ll be able to keep up with it as I go more easily/quickly.

No editing last week – last weekend was just kind of weird as far as random schedules go, and with the focus issues during the week, I had to spend the time I’d set aside for editing Friday night for catch-up writing instead. Things happen…just gotta keep moving forward.

Hopefully next week I’ll have more words *and* more editing to report!

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