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Weekly Writing: 7/21 – 7/27/2018

Weekly Word Counts
MMM: 0
KITD: 108
TBS: 0
Unnamed Flash: 305
Total: 413

Editing hours: 0

Well, I got some words in this week, which is better than last week. Unfortunately most of them were for an experimental project that has not been going well (the story has, the experiment, not so much). But considering the focus problems I had earlier in the week, and the time issues I’ve had on various days, I’m glad I got at least something done. Some words are better than no words.

But, I’d also like to have something publishable this fall, and not editing and not moving forward with my drafts is not helping me reach that goal. I’m not sure whether I should throw myself headlong into editing for a couple of weeks, or if I should pick one draft and hyper-focus on getting it done, or what, but I need to do something, for sure.

So…next week, more words. And soon, a vacation day from work to really buckle down on editing one of my drafts. I need a day off anyways, so no hardship there.

I am going to finish the flash story I started though, because I like how it’s started, and I think it’s gonna be good.


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