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Weekly Writing: 7/7 – 7/12/2018

Weekly Word Counts
MMM: 702
KITD: 409
TBS: 405
Total: 1516
Difference from last week: +569

Editing hours: 0.5

Well, that’s better, at least. Especially considering I only wrote three days this week. I spent too much time thinking though, and not enough time actually writing, clearly. But at least it’s progress. I’m pretty happy about that. Next week, I’m really shooting for at least 2k words total. 4k would be far, far better, but I’ll be happy if I just hit that 2k mark for once.

I also started doing a read-through on one of the drafts I decided to revise. I read the first three pages or so, and the main character/first scene really isn’t what it should be. Which makes me wonder if I should go to the trouble of revising the whole thing or just leave it in the drawer. On the one hand, I could learn some things by pulling it apart and putting it back together. I do that sort of thing everyday in my day job, and that’s how I learn.

On the other, I could just leave it sit and focus on making my current drafts the best they can be, instead of spending a lot of time in revisions. But I’ve been doing that, and it isn’t working for me, as much as I’d like it to. I hate revising more than just about anything, but I think I’m going to have to if I want to learn anything from my mistakes. I think after I get the manuscript all marked up, I’ll plan a day off from work to actually make the revisions. That way I’ll be able to focus (more or less) on that one thing for the whole day. I’ll probably get better results if I do that than if I try to piecemeal the changes.

I also looked at another draft I wanted to work on (writing, not editing) this week, and realized I’m missing a whole chunk of dialogue. I can’t find it anywhere, so I guess I’ll have to rewrite it, which irks me. But I really want to get going on this little short-story series, so I’m going to try to get that chunk re-written next week so I can move forward with that story. Sometimes even I get bit by the techno-bandit. Dang it.

In any case, it wasn’t a great writing week, but progress was made, and I’m happy with that. For now.

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