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Weekly Writing: 8/11 – 8/17/18

Weekly Word Counts
MMM: 673
DD: 701
TBS: 560
Total: 1,934

Editing hours: 0

As you can see, I did not get my editing day this week. Things went kind of haywire Weds night when I grabbed a wasp (literally), and that set a spiral of events into motion that I’d rather just forget about altogether. But, I nearly doubled my word count from last week with a couple of word wars with my buddy Carol on Friday, which is awesome. We’re going to try this whole word war thing with sort of a “flex time” thing next week, and see how that goes.

In other writing news, I get a lot of my ideas from other people’s visual artwork – things like drawings, paintings and pictures. I don’t work at this at all…the ideas just come to me, and this week, I got an amazing main plot from a photograph that the artist entered into our county fair. I bought the picture, and will be bringing it home along with another one this weekend. It’s not a happy picture, or particularly pleasing at that (it’s actually very disturbing, even to me, which is saying a lot). But it’s the basis for a story I know for certain I’ll write one of these days, and I try to buy artwork that inspires me when possible in order to give something back to the artist (along with a credit in the book, of course). It’s not often that I get such a fully-formed plot as this particular artist has given me, and I’ve already written the synopsis down. It’s too bad it’ll be another year before I get to start it, but I’m already looking forward to finding out all the little details and meeting my new characters.

So, even without the editing, it was a very productive week, and I’m still hoping to maybe sneak some editing in this weekend. Here’s hoping…

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