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Weekly Writing: 8/18 – 8/24/18

Weekly Word Counts
MMM: 818
DD: 394
TBS: 268
Total: 1,480

Editing hours: 0

Funny how counts go up and down from week to week, isn’t it? Or maybe just annoying, really. I’d much prefer they just keep going up, but…it’s been a busy and distracting, smoky week. I’ve had low-grade headaches most of the week due to all the smoke in the air, and that plus distractions equals less productivity. It is what it is, I guess, but it’s quite annoying.

You can tell which stories I have a better grasp on, too – I have about the same amount of writing time each day (30 min or so), but the word count goes down when I’m unsure of where the story is going. But I did work on the mind maps for TBS this week, and got quite a bit more of the plot hashed out. Hopefully that will make next week’s writing session easier.

I held off on posting this until late Saturday in case I could get some editing time in to add, but alas, no luck today either. I think my “edit on the weekends” plan isn’t going to work as long as the weather is decent. I need to make it more of a priority during the weeknights, I guess. Next weekend is a three-day holiday weekend, but the hubby will be trimming out the bookcases he made for our office, which means I get to move all the books out so he can do that, and put them back once the trim is done. I’ll be starting to catalog our library while we do that, so next weekend is busy with books, but not my own books.

My buddy Carol and I have been doing “flexible” word wars this week, and that’s worked out pretty well for both of us, I think. It’s easier to get motivated to write when you know you need to report to someone immediately after you finish, and also when it’s a challenge to see who can get the most words written in 30 minutes. Gives it a little extra “oomph”, so to speak. Fun!

Hopefully next week will be less distracting and easier on the writing…

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