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Weekly Writing: 8/4-8/10/18

Weekly Word Counts
MMM: 743
DD: 336
TBS: 0
Total: 1,079

Editing hours: 1.5

It doesn’t seem like much improvement “on paper”, but it sure felt like a much better writing/editing week. I really buckled down and not only got some editing and new words in, I created mind-maps for each of my WIPs (works in progress), including the drafts I’m editing. I did a lot of character and story plotting, and a lot of fleshing out details on the mind-maps, which then helped me figure out the general direction the stories needed to go next. Which made sitting down to write much easier, because I didn’t have to sit there and think about the next sentence, I just wrote.

As far as the editing goes, I’ve been doing a read-through of my last romantic suspense draft (DLA), and the whole first scene needs to be rewritten. It’s just not working the way it is, and there’s so much more I can do to actually “set” the scene better, and do a deeper introduction of the main characters and their personalities and goals. I plotted that out (using the mind-map), and I’ll be able to sit down and rewrite that without too much time or effort involved.

Next week, I’m taking Thursday and Friday off from the day job, and at least one of those days will be an editing day to work on DLA. Finally, the concept of how to establish “depth” is starting to sink in, and I want to capitalize on it while it’s fresh in my mind.

I’m making time for writing, and it’s making me both happier and more productive. I really hope I can keep this up – I’ll be writing several thousand words a week in no time….

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