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Weekly Writing: 9/22 – 9/29/18

Weekly Word Counts
DD: 86
TBS: 0
BD: 354
Total: 440

Editing hours: 0

I got a tiny bit of writing in this week, but not nearly as much as I’d have liked. I need to change my writing times again, so I’m trying out a few different things. So far, one thing worked…for all of one day. But I’ll figure it out. It’s just going to take some serious discipline, is all. Something I seem to be sadly lacking in at this point. Although it’s not quite that simple. It never really is, is it?

In any case, I started a new short story today – another one of Alex’s Death by Veggies stories. It would be great for Halloween, but while theoretically I should be able to finish it in plenty of time, my writing record of late says otherwise. We’ll see. I have a couple days off coming up soon, and I plan to use them for writing and/or editing. But I should skew towards the editing so I can get a couple of books published this fall.

Another week, another seven day’s worth of possible writing opportunities. Onward!

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