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Weekly Writing: 9/8 – 9/15/18

Weekly Word Counts
MMM/TIK: 397
DD: 286
TBS: 0
Total: 683

Editing hours: 0

Yes, I know. I’m going backwards. Not good. It was a busy week, I’ve been dealing with stuff, yadda yadda, but yeah. I need to get back into gear and be more disciplined about my writing. I have some different things to try this coming week, so we’ll see.

I did have a slightly larger word count on MMM, but I was editing to fix some continuity problems the day I added them, so when I was finished, I had a negative word count for the day even though I added some new words before cutting a bunch of different ones. I just didn’t pay attention to how many I added before finding the problem.

You might also notice that MMM has a TIK behind it now. As I was writing along the other day, one of my characters from The Matter of Misty Mardeaux (MMM) used the phrase “The Immortality Key”. And the latter makes a much better, much more fitting title for the book than the former, so I’m going with it, at least for now. A nice subconscious “stumble upon”, methinks.

So, not much writing last week, none in sight for the weekend, but definite potential for more next week. Such is the way of things, I suppose.

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