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Writer’s Log Aug. 7 – Aug. 13 (Backstory)

Weekly Word Counts
Novel draft: 794
Short prose: 233
Poetry: 80

Editing hours: N/A

Last week was pretty much a fail for writing (no sense in beating around the bush, eh?). I barely got my serial chapter done on time, started but didn’t finish my prompt story, and was writing the prompt poem late Friday night. No work on any other drafts, no world building exercises, no editing. Nada. Annoying and frustrating, but some weeks are just like that.

I did work on backstory for the main character in my serial draft, which was good. It needs to be moved to earlier in the book and sprinkled in rather than info-dumped, but for now, sticking it in that last serial chapter will be okay. I need to think about things like this earlier in the writing process – they’ve always been an after thought until now.

Dean Wesley Smith is doing workshops on “pantsing” that he calls “Writing into the Dark” (which is admittedly a better name, but also quite a mouthful). They run about every month, and I’m planning to take one this fall and get an insider look at his practices and methods for writing off the cuff, but still managing to keep track of settings, backstories and all that good stuff so only one draft with minor editing after is needed.

I hate revisions. *Hate* them. So anything I can do to write a clean, nearly perfect first draft, I’ll do.

In any case, bad writing week last week…better writing week already started this week. So, onward.

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